Saturday, October 17, 2015

JackJaw's Junkwagon (Orc and Goblin Baggage Train Part 2)

"Everbuddy acts like dey fink workin' da baggage is easy.  Well, it ain't, ya can take my word ferrit. Fust, ya got ta march at the back a da column an eat everbuddy else's dust all day, an don't fink dey don't take ever chance dey git ta go stompin about and kickin' it up and breakin' da biggest winds dey can muster right in yer directshun.  Dey tink dat's all real funny, roight? Huh!  
Wagon Boss Juggo Jackjaw

"...An try gettin in line fer chow over at Flo's when ya's one o' us!  Dey kick ya ta da back a da line!  See dey fink we're not a proper part o' da army 'cause we don't git up ta where da foightin' is most a da time.  But I asks yous..where dey fink da stuff comes from?  Arrers don't fly wiffout supply, dat's what I sez...'An, yeah!  Everbuddy complains all da time...not enuff a dis and not enuff a dat and why ain't yoo lot 'ere yit?  Well...lookit wut dey giv me ta work wiff!  Ya run a baggage, dey giv ya da wurst a a lot ta help out...
"Sometimes its a coupla gobbos dat's too chicken ta fight anybody...
"Or some bastard 'e's too busy lookin out fer hisself ta be any damm good foightin' in da loine...
"An some?  Some is jist too stupid ta foight.  Dey fergit wut dey doin...wander oft un git lost.
Wudda 'bout me, ya sez?  Well, Ah....ah...urm...well, ya know...uh, dey sez I is too, too intellyjunt ta foight, ya know.  I gotta use me massive brain power ta help keep fings organized fur da Big Boss.
"'Ere's me wagon.  Nice, eh?  Dere's all kinds a important stuff in ere dat da boys need fer foightin.  Like uh...ya know, some rags en some old uh...some a rat...
"Ackshully, now I fink about it, nobuddy keeps nuffin dey care about in da wagon, 'cause dey know some bastard'll just come along an steals it in about five, come to fink ovvit...I don't even know why I'm here!  Haw!
Aw, well!  Wut da hell, I'm gettin paid, roight?  Ey you Gobbos!  Git dat stuff over here naow!  Dat's army property!  Nar, don't open it, jest givvit me, I'll check on wut's  innit meself later.  (aside) Who knows?  Could be beer...I could use a drink...or ten er twenny...haw haw haw!"
The completed (for now) baggage train.  One section for each 1,000 pts worth of troops.  Of course I plan on pushing Big Blackie's horde out to  6 or 7 thousand points eventually, so the wagon park has a ways to grow yet.
The Orcs are all Citadel Orc Villagers.  The Gobbos are superfluous Citadel goblin war machine crew.  I added a resin barrel to one of them.  The wagon is an Old Glory incendiary wagon.  The combustibles in the wagon made a good base for a the bunch of bits and a Ral Partha rat I piled on top.  I liked the straw, rags, timber and barrels of the combustibles because I thought they would bear a pretty close resemblance to the piles of nasty, stupid crap that I imagine Orcs collecting and hauling around.

So.  My first real Orctober post.  Two more to go for this month!



  1. Wow this is real dedication, so few bother with a baggage train anymore, especially one finished to this calibre, you inspire me sir, if only the Skaven had a baggage train... I must brainstorm!

    1. Glad you like it, 24 cigarettes! I don't think anybody ever did baggage trains a whole lot, which is why they vanishe from post-Oldhammer versions of the rules. I like them, though, so I'm doing them for all my armies. 'Cept the Skaven and undead, of course. I thought about modeling a unit of Skaven slave bearers with huge packs and bundles on their backs that could double as a slave unit and baggage train, but that's in the far future, assuming I ever actually do it at all.

  2. I love those orc villagers! What great models. I think (??) they were sculpted by Trish Morrison. In any case, as 24_Cig said, your train is gorgeous. I love the boar-hauled wagon.

    1. Thanks very much, Matthew! I like the Orc vallagers line too, though they are kind of small. They fit better with 2nd edition era models than with 3rd.

  3. Great stuff. Reminds me I need to build up my baggage train. I wish I had some of those orc villagers. Maybe one day. Following your blog now, not sure why I hadn't seen it before.

    1. Thanks, Sean! And welcome! Glad you like the baggage train. I'm starting on my Chaos baggage train next month. Hope you enjoy that, too.