Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Warriors and Champions of the Sidhe

Years and years ago now, I found a number of packs of Alternative Armies' Erin miniatures in a bargain bin at Gamescape in San Francisco.  Great old store, it was then.  I had little use for the minis at the time, but I loved them and painted a bunch of them just for fun.

A year or so ago, I finally picked up a copy of the rules and started trying to assemble war bands for them.  Then the deployment happened and my wild and woolly war bands of Celtic Myth had to go into boxes to await my return.

The only minis I didn't have many of were the Sidhe, but recently I found this pack on Ebay for a pittance and couldn't resist.  Here are a few snaps of the core of my future Sidhe war party.

The Erin game seems to be a fairly standard skirmish minis game, plot driven, character-centered, with 'armies' of between ten and twenty miniatures, set in the era of of the Invasions.  Best part is the nice old Alternative Armies Minis and the buckets of ancient Irish flavor.  Keen to get back and go a-questing!
"You'll not be putting us into our mounds so easily, Milesian trash!"


  1. Hey Mouse, these are great minis! And they are really brought to life by your wonderful painting style! I still haven't picked up the Erin Ruleset yet, one day hopefully, perhaps after reading your first battle report using them.

  2. Thanks, P.W.! Hopefully that Battle Report is not too far off. I'm at least half way through this dumb deployment, now.

  3. I'm a big fan of these minis too! Check this out, some my pjs, others inc. the Sidhe by friends of mine:
    I've got a few packs going spare if you need any more. A few Milesians, and my entire Fomorian army, and I'll be 100% collected and painted. For once!