Monday, February 23, 2015

Lost Worlds Characters pt. 2: Fighter & Unicorn

It's been a pretty slow month for hobby stuff, unfortunately.  Twelve hour days don't leave much time off for painting little people and monsters.  Over the last day or two, however, I've had some very slow and quiet hours in the guard shack to get these additions to my Lost Worlds collection painted.  The rainy days have kept Colonels and Sergeants Major indoors and out of everybody's hair.  Keep it coming. Nature!

Here's the first of the new additions, the old, super-imaginatively titled "Man in chain-mail with sword and shield."  The subject of the very first Lost Worlds book, he is pretty under-powered compared with later characters.  He'll probably end up representing a retainer for more powerful characters in most of my games.

As with all my Lost Worlds minis, I tried to paint him to match the book as closely as possible.  Half the fun of this game is having the figure to go with the book.  It's nice how closely Nova games synched the book art to the Ral Partha miniatures.
This particular figure was originally released as a mounted/dismounted combination.  The only variance between the mini and the depiction on the book cover is that the mini is wearing small spurs.  You can make out the straps around his ankles if you look close.  On the book, however, the straps are shown as a fold or bunching of his mail.  Not sure if that was a mistake by Nova or intentional. I've painted him as shown on the book.
Brave, decent looking fellow,  He'll probably get killed a lot, sadly.  Oh, well.
A few months ago, I got the Lost Worlds adventure sets on ebay.  For the second time, actually.  Last time I bought them, the guy ripped me off and never sent them.  Mrs. Mouse confirms, however, that this time, the transaction was for real, and my sets are waiting for me back in Bag End.  Its in the
adventure sets that the minis really come into their own.  Each set comes with a little dungeon complex, some furniture and rules for getting your Lost Worlds minis into action against each other.  The rules look simple but fun.  Movement is dictated by a characters height.  Height also gives a substantial strength bonus when you're trying to smash the other guy, so its kind of a big deal.  If you're short, like the dwarf or halfling, you can remedy your truncation problem by standing on stairs, tables and other stuff to make yourself taller as you maneuver around the dungeon.  You can also pick up furniture and throw it at people, and there are rules for 'blind spots'...every character has to pick one space within his zone of control that he can't guard.  If you can get behind him and hit him front that point, you can get a to hit bonus, but if he's cagey, he'll find a little nook or corner to put his back to. I'm keen to get back, paint them up and give them a try.

The Flying Buffalo Website has a downloadable free version of the supplemental minis rules .
Here's Mr. Unicorn.  Mr. Unicorn is a pretty tough customer compared to most of the other Lost Worlds Characters.  He's got of hit points. some interesting attack options, and some limited magic, including a handy healing spell he can use to help himself or his friends.
So, that's eight of the original twenty Lost Worlds characters painted and complete.
When I get back to the Big Board, I'd like to spiff up Mr. Unicorns base...some flowers and mushrooms and such.  Fortunately, I think that's not far away now...the damn deployment is nearly over...and it's about time!  Now for a run, then back to work on Skaven and some D&D half-Orcs tonight.

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