Monday, February 9, 2015

Nyarlathotep - The Crawling Chaos

 Nyarlathotep.  The Crawling Chaos.  I will tell the audient void...Spent the last week or so of painty time squinting down the brush at a batch of Black Skaven and had to take a break. Said break consisted of  Maiden's Strange World on repeat on the ear buds and working on Nyarlathotep, here.

Very possibly my favorite Lovecraft story.  Not sure what use I'll have for him on the table top, but I like him.  He makes me happy.  The Grenadier Cthulhu miniatures were much more compact than the RAFM line that followed them.  RAFM's minis were more appropriately weird, alien, horrible, and sculpted on a grander scale, but the Grenadier line still has a lot of charm.

Bossk about to have what has got to be just about the worst day imaginable on The Planet of Very Bad Things.

Back to work on the Black Skaven tonight.

For your listening pleasure...the tale read by the quite enjoyable Nick Gisburne...


  1. Great figure and painting...I too prefer the old Grenadier sculpts.... three cheers for the Messenger of the Gods.

  2. Cthulhu stuff freaks me out. Quite rightly so, I guess, but I really like this figure, especially the way it is lit in your photos, Mouse. And I hope Bossk is going to befriend it!

    1. Thanks, P.W. I did some checking in my copy of the Necromonicon. Turns out there is only one race in the universe for which N. has a soft spot, and its Wookies, so I'm thinking things won't work out so well for Bossk this afternoon. Hopefully he left himself a really good out.