Monday, August 10, 2015

80s-style Cthulhu action figures by Warpo toys

These old school-style action figures by Warpo are fantastic by themselves, but they become awesomer still when plugged with an 80s-style toy commercial like this.  Since my friend John showed me this earlier this evening, we've been running around the house singing "KA-TOO-LOO!  KA-TOO-LOO!"  Our wives pretend to be annoyed by the display, but we know they actually love it...

Wait until I buy these for the kid & me and we're all running around the house yelling "Cthulhu!  Cthulhu!"  Yeah!  I dig the old-school vinyl cape on the cultist- just like the cape on the original Tusken Raider and Darth Vader action figures.

Waggh!  The Great Cthulhu figure looks like its almost as big as my five month old son!

The soul-less, saucer-eyed gaze of the Deep One...

Deliciously nostalgic promo poster for the figure line...I simply must have some!  I've told Mrs. Mouse that the boy and me will be needing them for Christmas!  Some future Christmas, anyway.

                                "KA-TOO-LOO!  KA-TOO-LOO!  KA-TOO-LOO!"


  1. I can't believe how good these are. I must get some .I wonder if there is a portal to let them into the UK. Iä! Iä!

    1. Try a google earth on Exham priory. Bet there's something there.

  2. That is just genius! Tempted myself.