Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shamans o' Gork n' Mork!

Shown here are several of the most notable Orc and Goblin Sorcerers, Shamans and Witch Doctors of the Black River country.  All are affiliated with the Mighty Black Orc Warlord known only as Big Blackie.  Each is a menace to the good folk of the Baron von Refn's realm, to the Dwarves ofThunder Mount and to anybody else within their reach.
This miserable old reprobate answers to the name Phlegmstrangle Snotblast.  He has terrorized the Black River country for years beyond count.  Indeed, he is uncommonly old for an Orc.  He was a major player amoung the Orc tribal chieftains in the years before the coming of Big Blackie, and fought against the Elder Baron von Refn in the days of the conquest. In recent years his power has waned noticeably but he still commands considerable respect.
Ruggubb Snakelust is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Goblin leaders of the Black River region.  He keeps a harem of Goblin females in his favorite camping spot near Black Butte, and his innumerable offspring have infiltrated every Goblin band in Big Blackie's horde.
He has a great fondness for serpents and the lewd and unspeakable rites he presides over near Black Butte are the highlight of the Goblin social year.  Ruggubb has worked hard to keep the Goblin vendetta against the Baron von Refn's people alive, and has assured them that he will someday lead them to the reconquest of the river's West Bank.
 Ruggubb can usually be found riding in the company of the Goblin warlord known as Willie da Wheela, and his terrifying magic powers greatly enhance the fighting reputation of Willie's already greatly feared squadron of Goblin Wolf Chariots.
Few Orc reputations inspire anything like the sort of morbid horror that 'Ol blind Pew Stankbone 's does.  Pew was one of that little band of Black Orc champions that followed Big Blackie out of the Dark Lands a decade ago.    It is said that along the way, Pew discovered a daemon Prince's leg-bone in a Chaos crypt sealed into a cliff-side.  Pew escaped the horrors of the crypt with his prize bone which he then transformed into his magic staff.

Unfortunately for Pew, the staff had come to contain more power than he had imagined possible, and the first time he attempted to use it in battle, the resulting tidal wave of uncontrollable magical force blew his eyeballs right out of his head..  Pew has relied on a combination of Goblin spotters and a weird sixth sense to guide him in the direction of his enemies ever since.  Another result of the magical blast was a nauseating miasma, a horrible stench which emanates from the staff, and which has come to permeate the clothing and the very flesh of Pew himself.  The figure of Pew stalks the nightmares of the Black River folk, and mothers are known to use his reputation to frighten their children into good behavior.
Shown here is the dreaded Orc Shaman Rufuss Drakk.  Rufuss has few teeth and a bad lisp, so the name may be a corruption of something else, perhaps 'Ruthless Jack' or 'Toothless Jack'  No one knows for sure.  Rufuss invariably rides into battle on his trusty three legged war boar, shouting weird incantations and prayers to his dark demonic gods in an almost incomprehensible lisping, mumbling voice.  He often rides into battle with the Orc Boar Boy Gang known as 'Da Pork Pack'. Beware Rufuss Drakk an' da Pork Pack!
This individual goes by a number of names, the most common perhaps being 'Shroomnasty Wolfmelon."  His is known to be a solitary creature who dwells hermit-like in a cave far out in the desert.  He always seems to show up when a fight is in the making, however.  As his name implies, Shroomnasty is a great enthusiast of magic mushrooms and other noxious herbs and weeds, and most Orcs and Goblins of the Black River region turn to him when they need a potion.  (or Poison).
Wuggo Wolfmaggot is just one of several lesser Goblin shamans and wizards to be found running with the Black River Tribes.  Nasty and spiteful, he tends to leave considerable misery in his wake.
 The mysterious Goblin sorcerer known as Spazzgizzard Bilegargle or something equally preposterous. Solitary and almost certainly psychotic, he is best known for his habit of dying his cap and slippers in the blood of his slaughtered enemies.  Much of his power seems to derive from his control of a weird magic talisman known as the 'Bad Sun of Johann Blench."  It is supposed that Johann Blench was a Chaos sorcerer who somehow ran afoul of Spazzgizzard and lost his magic staff to him.  Spazzgizzard has been running amok with it ever since.  Alas.
This lot is my Orc-y, Goblin-y entry for August.  Was a little slow in finishing them, so they are being posted late, unfortunately.  Plenty to choose from here for a 3k point army.  In the end I plan on having an Orc army of at least 6k points, so I figured it would be just as well to do all my Orc and Goblin magic users at once.  Some are obviously proxy models.  I think Wuggo Wolfmaggot is a Black Tree figure.  Ruggubb Snakelust is a Heartbreaker model, though the rest of the model is a kit-bash of different Citadel chariots.  Phlegmsrangle Snotblast is an Old Glory piece.  Ruffuss Drakk is Rick Priestly's fault.  Rick took the Shaman model from the Wyvern Rider boxed set, mounted him on a boar and gave him a red cloak for his Orc and Goblin army.  I liked the figure so much I plundered it shamelessly and made one of my own.


  1. Awesome, I was pondering painting up some Orcy Magic Users myself and you may of just given me some motivation!

  2. I do love old school orcs with old school style paint jobs. These are wonderful models.

  3. Your collection of vintage figs never ceases to impress. Although not the eldest, Pew (p-yew?) the Orc shaman I believe came from the lair of the Orc King box; it was kept in production long after because it was just that good. The beast of burden wolf is fantastic, I've never seen it before; its exactly what a goblin wolf would be, malnourished, and driven mad by its' captors.
    The gobbo Magic users are great, you can never have too many, cheapest in 3rd edition, maybe not the best stats but, a fireball is a fireball and a gobbo can read a scroll as well as any elf.
    It may sound strange but the steel work on the chariots is my favourite bit.
    Good luck with further green skins, they're my next endeavour.

    1. Thanks very much, 24 cigs! I'm glad you likey! I also love a lot of the metal work on a lot of the old Orc machineries of destruction. The rock lobber and the lead belcher have a lot of nice metal pieces on them as well...