Friday, March 18, 2016

Flames of War German Grenadier Company 600 point Force Part 2: Pak 40 AT guns, Mortar Platoon and 3rd Rifle Platoon

About one hundred and thirty years or so ago, I started work on two armies for FOW; A British Grenadier Guards tank company and a German infantry company to fight them.  The project was interrupted by Afghanistan and a baby and petty stuff like that,  but now I'm finally getting back around to it.
Here's the Pak 40 platoon, ready to wreck some Tommy tanks. 
They're not spectacular or anything but I think they came out ok...
I was a bit annoyed at the quality of the crew figures on these models.  They were smaller than Battlefront's infantry figures, and not very well detailed.  I ended up replacing some of them with figures from other kits.  The guy with the shell on the gun to the left is a spare figure from the 8.8 flak gun kit.  Shell's a little over large for the pak 40, but hopefully he will still pass inspection somehow.
The command team..."See zem?  Blow zem up!"

The third and last rifle platoon, with Panzerfaust of course.
Not much different from the first two platoons...

The mortar Platoon...two sections and two observer teams...
I am partial to mortars.  So useful. Wish I had my own real life mortar platoon.
One of the observer teams.  The spotter peeks around a helpful shrub while his buddy pulls rear security.
The other observer team.  I'm terrible at painting the camo smocks that some of the minis are wearing.  Hopefully I'll get better with practice.
The finished 600 point force.  I had originally intended to include a platoon of three Stugs instead of the mortars and 3rd rifle platoon, but it didn't work out that way for whatever reason.  The Stugs and a pair of 88 flaks will make up the next 300 point block.

I have some old college pals coming out next week for a couple of days of marathon gaming.  I was hoping that I'd be able to get 1,000 points each of Germans and British finished by the time they got here, but I'm beginning to think I won't be able to get it done.  Still, made some progress on the army at least.  'Til next time...


  1. Hey, hey Mouse, they look great!! I do a little of FOW in 20mm and pendraken 10mm, but those BF guys are ace! And love those sexy Pak 40's! My favourite AT gun - much prefer it to the attention-hogging 88's! Hope you have a great gaming weekend. I am hoping to try the new Team Yankee FOW WWIII system tonight in 20mm.

  2. Hey, Private Weird! Thanks very much! I do like BF miniatures, although I'm not a fan of the Pak40 crew figures. I'm an enthusiast of the 8.8's myself, but the little paks turned out to be tougher customers than I'd thought in the games we played. Let me know how you liked Team Yankee. I remember reading that book when it first came out about a million years ago, and I'm curious about the game...

  3. Hey Mouse, Team Yankee was fun but I could do with out all the extra special rules. Although, to be fair it was only my first time playing it. As for the rulebook itself, I wish the design team went for a more reserved, and dare I say, more adult looking presentation - I hate that front cover! As for the novel I recently reread again and it holds up very well. It makes me wanna game it using Bolt Action!!