Monday, June 13, 2016

Orc Crossbow Boys

Ach!  Curses!  A gang of Big Blackie's crossbow boys at large on the left bank of the Black River! This surely spells trouble for some of the good folk of the Baron Von Refn's realm.

After nearly a month away from home, it was a great pleasure to jump back into painting little people again.  This little bunch of venomous creeps was a lot of fun to work on.
I didn't have enough of the original Citadel crossbows to go round, so I substituted some old Rafm pieces and 2 plastic xbows from a Mordheim equipment sprue which seemed to appear inexplicably in my attic a couple of years ago.  That was fine, since I've never been especially keen on those 80s plastic crossbows.  They look more like they belong to the 40k universe than to Warhammer fantasy.
Naturally, these are not the orcs that I really need to be working on right now.  I need to get to work repairing Big Blackie's @#&*ing chariot and my Gobbo chariot squadron, but I have trouble staying on task sometimes, you know.
Da Boss gets his boys into wedge formation.  Bring dem humie horse boys on, we's ready!
Da lads add their firepower to Yummskab Hokkflemm's light Orktillery....
Ok comes after too?  Uh...Free!  Yeah, free!  Shoot!!!!


  1. Love them, I need to lay my hands on some of these guys too, Orcs with Crossbows are awesome!

    1. Cheers, Snicket! I love 'em too! I'm excited to try them out on some of my Chaos guys!