Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sowers of the Thunder (Mouse's Oldhammer Dwarf Army So Far)

A wail of horns and a clatter of drums...a rustling of armor and a measured tramp of heavy long last, my Dwarf army has reached 3,000 points!  It's been years since I began work on the War host of the Thunder Mount, and though there's a lot about the army that I'm not 100% happy with, its good to see the army 'finished'.
...Of course, is any army ever really 'finished'? There's still plenty I'd like to add...more throwers...engineers...cannon...more characters...a dragon...a giant....but for now, I'm just pleased to have reached the 3k summit.
Anchoring the  Dwarven right flank are Snorri Headbiter's Giant Slayers.  A good choice for flank guards. 
Everyone in the army knows that as long as one of Snorri's psychotically devout lads still stand, the army's right will not be turned.
To Snorri's left stand a detachment of Crossbow Dwarves of the Red Feather Troop...
...And the Lord of the Upper Hall, Thorrir Maull, with his dreaded 1st Company, the 'Skull Poppers', bane of Goblins throughout the Black river country.
On the low ridge behind the right flank, Captain Lonni Halgirdson's stone thrower battery stands ready to wreak bloody havoc amoung the ranks of the enemy...
...while in the army's center, two light artillery pieces, the bolt thrower 'Jenn Troll Spitter' and the fearsome flame cannon have been positioned to restrict the enemy's freedom of movement.  (And to inflict massive casualties on him.)
On a low knoll behind the Army's center, General Sveinn Donnerkind, the wizards Old Hal and The Hermit of the Mount, and the army's Standard Bearer direct the battle and stand ready to pitch in if the line buckles somewhere...
...while the 4th Company of the great hall, the mighty 'Razorbacks', are held back in reserve behind the army's center, ready to fill in the gap if the light artillery is over-run, or to reinforce if a flank caves in.

Center-left in the army's line, beside the light artillery, stand the crack 'King's Axes', warriors of the toughest fibre, ready to break any enemy's assault...
...and beside them, the 3rd Company of the Great Hall, the famous 'Red Dragons'....
...And another detachment of crossbows, positioned to whittle down the enemy as the approach the Dwarven left...
And, last, the baggage train, ready to serve up booze and chow to the lads prior to a hard day's hacking!
The army deployed to meet the foe!   Ready, lads?  Let's sort 'em out!!!!!" 


  1. An impressive looking horde...and a great looking table!

    1. Thanks, Gordon! Ive been putting both together for a long time. Glad you enjoyed the view!

  2. Hey, hey, Mouse,

    I haven't been interneting for a while and then I come back back and see all sorts of wonder and visual joys on your terrific site!! But your Dwarf army takes the prize! So beautiful, Mouse, such a great collection of really interesting Dwarves all so nicely rendered in your oneandonly Mouse style! I am honoured to have be able to battle against such a glorious-looking noble force when they were still an army/work in progress! Yeah, Mouse! I also love the table you set up to present these guys. This was a real treat to see this, Mouse! It has made my day so far!

    1. Well, this makes me happy. Glad to know my Dwarves brought you a little extra happiness around Father's Day. They all say Hi to their cousins up north and sorry about that bloody little misunderstanding a couple of years back. Not, mind you, that they wouldn't do it all again, if they had to. Maybe I should bring them up to visit their Canadian cousins sometime. We aren't really THAT far away from each other, after all.

    2. Hey, that would be great! Nothing like a cousin brawl! And a West Coast bash at that!