Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Star Wars: Imperial Army Infantry Platoon Pt 2: 3rd Squad and Command Section

Reinforcements for my Imperial Infantry platoon for Star Wars Miniature Battles.  Another Squad of ten troopers with mixed weapons and an officer with a Death Star Droid and three Bodyguards.
This squad is mostly armed with heavy laser pistols just because that's what I had left. 
The platoon leader is the General Veers figure.  He didn't come out very well, but you can't win 'em all.  Or I can't, anyway.
I am pretty pleased with how his death star droid came out,  however.  The droid serves as translator and platoon medic.

...he also keeps tabs on the platoon leader for his Imperial masters.
So that's the platoon so far.  I think it looks okay.  I'm debating whether to add a fourth squad and a heavy weapons section, or to just call it good and move onto other projects.  It's not as if I'm short on other projects or anything...


  1. Looks great, what a huge collectio

    1. Thanks! Lost most of my Star Wars motivation when the new movie came out. Need to get back to painting that slope of the lead mountain, though. Maybe I'll have to watch episodes 4-6 on a loop for a while. Get back in touch with the force.

  2. Fantastic! That droid is boss.
    Stupid question: what rules set do you use for your SW games?

  3. Thanks Matt! It's not a stupid question. I use the old Star Wars Miniature Battles rules by West End. Haven't tried any of the newer games. I had already committed to the West End ruleset when all the new ones started to come out. Not sad about that, since I don't like plastic anyway, and STMB is a good rule set for skirmish battles.