Monday, October 31, 2016

Rogue Trader: Der Afrikorkorps; Kaptin Rummel's Motorboyz Part 1 of 2

I'm a bit disappointed.  I was hoping to finish the entire 'Afrikorkorps' for my Orctober post.  Alas, what with life and everything, I only got some of it done.  Command Team, Battle Wagon, Panzorkgrenadiers and a Wartrak.  Some of them still need some finishing up and to top it off my regular lighting lamp broke so the lighting and focus in this post kind of suck, but had to get something up for Orktober, so for what it's worth, here it is. 

Anyway, meet Kaptin Rummel and some of his boys as they take a break from the carnage somewhere in the Wailing Reach.   Da Kaptin, shown lower left, with his personal standard bearer and driver is known throughout the region for his skill at long range mounted reconnaissance and especially for his trademark daring flanking maneuvers, which he calls 'Get 'Round 'ems".

To the right and below you'll notice a colorful squad of Panzorkgrenadiers led by Senior Sargeant Stahlkopf, Kaptin Rummel's best mate and a close comrade since the old days in the trenches of...well a whole bunch of wars...
...nobody really remembers which ones.
 'Ere's da panzorkgrenadiers' Battlewagon.  Sargeant Stahlkopf is pretty proud of his ride...
The model is the old armorcast resin knock off of the original citadel plastic kit.  I like the nice heft that it has, but when I added a lot of the plastic bits I soon found that the plastic didn't bond well with the resin, so I pegged some things and reinforced all the joins with little scraps of wire and painted them to look like rope.  I think they add a little something to the model, a little endearing rattiness...
 Lootnant S'neering is charge of the Afrikorkorps' anti tank Wartrakk. 
 Over the years he has racked up a formidable number of vehicles destroyed.
Kaptin Rummel and Lootnant S'neering might get on with each other about as well as cats and dogs, but there's no denying that they make a formidable team on the rare occasions when they aren't trying to kill each other.
Next...Da Biker Boys!!


  1. What an amazing unit Mr. Mouse, really entertaining stuff.

  2. Thanks very much, Mr, Awdry! I should be adding some more stuff to da korps here pretty soon.

  3. Fantastic work -- as much on the background & names as the wonderful models & paintjobs.
    I've been on a real Hogan's Heroes kick recently, so your Teutonic orks are particularly amuzing to me right now.

    1. Kaptin Rummel says "Ja, now continue to say nice things about Der Afrikorkorps or you will be shot, court martialed and sent to the Russian Front!"

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Kym! The boys are proud to know that they are so admired.

  5. A great diorama with all those bad arse green skins & their ride all lined up.

    Well done :)

  6. Brilliant stuff Mr M! Never knew there was a resin version of the Battlewagon. Sadly I sold my old battered plastic kit but at least it went some way to financing my old Orc's Drift project.

    1. Thanks, Thantsants!! I think it was way back in late 1st and 2nd edition days, before GW started making lots of big vehicle kits, that Armorcast got the rights to produce big vehicle models for 40k. They made them out of tough. bouncy, rubbery resin that is almost indestructible. The battle wagon didn't come with a lot of the smaller details like the graveyard fence around the rim and the little tools and things, (I had to add almost all the details to this one from bits collected from various kits) but it is rugged as hell and nice and heavy, and I really like it. Armorcast did a number of epic vehicles in 40k scale, I think they had a gobsmasha and a crazy Khorne blood cannon thing. All command pretty high prices on ebay now. Their biggest thing was an Eldar titan in 40k scale. Forgeworld has done a lot of that stuff now, so its not as amazing as it used to be, but back in the olden tyme it was quite the thing.