Thursday, November 30, 2017

Warhammer Ancients Chariot Wars: Libyan Skirmishers

I told myself I was going to finish my Hittite starter force before  I moved on to Egyptians, but these guys turned up on Ebay a couple of months ago, and the price was certainly right, so I had to get them.  I found them to be interesting looking troops and when they showed up in the mail I figured I might as well paint them while the inspiration was there.  Once lost, who knows when that inspiration might return?  That's how I justified breaking my own rule, anyway.
 The figures are all 1990s Ral Parthas; despite the very limited number of poses in that line, I like the sculpts and the size of the minis a lot, and I'm going to stray from the RP line as little as possible in building these armies.  Ral Partha made 2 Libyan figures, an archer and a javelin man.  There are twelve of each in this group.  That should give my Egyptians plenty of skirmishers for a start.  I do want to add some Nubian archers later, though. 
Rather dashing fellows, these, what with their tall ostrich plumes and their long cowhide cloaks...they really stand out amoungst the other bronze age guys I've collected so far.
 Unique to the Libyan national costume was the 'phallic sheath' .  Doesn't look too comfortable, but I guess its better than getting one's dork hung up on North African thorn bushes. 
 Still struggling to get the light right in the Fortress of Solitude.  Most of these pictures came out weirdly dark, even though I was dousing them in all the lights I could get my hands on. 
 Grr...Only now, as I post, do I notice the chip in the paint on this guy's hair.  Aghh.  I hate that.
On to the javelin men...
Guess I'll have to change the color I've edged all my bases with.  The flock blends nicely with the my mat, but the edges all look banana yellow against it.
Well there's the start to my Egyptian army, I certainly didn't get as far as I'd hoped on my Chariot Wars armies this year, but its not a bad start, I guess.
Marching into the rising sun, a contingent of Canaanite infantry are suddenly beset by a powerful  Libyan warband...