Sunday, April 13, 2014

Luptuous Stenk and his Slaaneshi Chaos Thugs

Sontag, 2nd Pflugzeit 3144
This day, with the dawn breaking at our backs and Faith in Sigmar and the Emperor blazing in our hearts, we assaulted the walls of the rebel town of Damd.  Our troop of the Knights Panther stormed the gatehouse, and at their coming, resistance melted fast away.  Entering the town, we found many people there in the streets to greet us, and these were willing and ready to aid us and to answer our many questions.  As the Emperor's Inquisitor here, I find the paucity of the resistance gives me heart, I think that the teeth of the Lords of Decay have not bitten here too deeply, and that the most part of these folk are not beyond saving...

Marktag, 3rd Pflugzeit, 3144
This day we have gone throughout the town, seeking from chimney and attic to alley and cellar for those marks of The Enemy which Providence shall see fit to reveal to us.  We found a few skulking here and there with the mark of Chaos upon them, and these we have thrown into the town's gaol for later questioning.  But we found many amoung the people who came forward to whisper to us, albeit haltingly and with a terrible dread shadowing their humble countenances of "The Council of Six."  This coterie, they claim, murdered the Magistrate, and seized governance of the town.  Eagerly, I pressed these volunteers for news of where we might go to lay hands on these six suspects, but at this folk become evasive, or spread their hands helplessly to display their ignorance of the whereabouts of these villains.

Backertag, 3rd Pflugzeit, 3144
Questioning of the handful of mutants found in the town on Sontag has yielded us nothing.  Most are little more than idiots who probably did not grasp the source or the nature of their corruption.  Having no more use for them we commended them to Sigmar's cleansing flames. 

Festag, 3rd Pflugzeit, 3144
I begin to grow impatient with those amoung the townsfolk who claim they wish to aid in our cause, yet give us no hard evidence as to the whereabouts of this "Council of Six" who supposedly raised the town in rebellion against our Emperor.  Perhaps all these people are conspiring quietly against us?  Is the Council of Six a mere Phantom conjured up to mislead us?  

Konistag, 3rd Pflugzeit, 3144
Providence smiled upon us at last, today.  While patrolling the Applegate, a few of our men heard a commotion from some of the windows above, as if some wild cavort were in progress.  Forcing entry into one of the houses and making their way quickly upstairs, they came upon a number of the town's well-to-do citizens in the midst of a set of detestable orgiastic rites.  A number of curious objects and scrolls were found amoung the tumbled pots and twisted bedding, and those they did not cast into the fire in disgust, they gathered up to take away as evidence.  At the sight of their fetishes blazing in the flames, these people set up a hideous wailing and gibbering.  These our good men have arrested and brought to the gaol straight away.  
 Now we shall see.

Festag, 3rd Pflugzeit, 3144
 Today we set rack and flame to the flesh of our new friends from dawn to dusk, and plied them with many questions.  Most of all I wished to know who amoung them were part of this "Council of Six" and where their den might be found.  They are a hardy lot, and resisted our efforts all throughout the day.  But they will crack soon.
They always do.

Sontag, 3rd Pflugzeit 3144
One of the prisoners died under our questioning today.  Died with a smile on his face.  His eyes seemed to blossom, wide and dark, at the moment of his death, and his irises turned a strange and luminous shade of pink, the result, I imagine, of a burst blood vessel in the brain.  Still, it looked very queer.  I sit beside my fire, here, tonight, feeling weary and depressed.  What is wrong with me?  As absurd as it seems, these Children of Darkness make me feel as though I am not in control of this situation...Despite all the extremities of agony and terror we have put to them, they still tease us with hints, they seem coy and taunting... I try to find the words... If I did not know better, I would say that they must delight in their distress, and deliberately provoke us in order to prolong and sharpen it...

Marktag, 4th Pflugzeit, 3144
Today, I ordered the others away, and closeted myself with one of the prisoners.  It sat, or rather slouched, before me, once a glamorous woman, now a bloody and broken thing, and yet poised with a strange voluptuousness that I once repelled and fascinated me. A man of lesser skill and experience than my own might be in great danger here, but I have no need to fear.  I interrogated the thing at great length, and it was keen to lead me on, leaving me always in blind alleys.  In the end, it came always back to one final answer.  "I cannot give up the secrets you demand.  You see, they are not mine to give.  I am not the Keeper.  Only The Keeper can give you what you desire."

Backertag, 4th Pflugzeit, 3144
 What an absolutely absurd state of affairs!  All this time spent and nothing gained!  Search again!  Search throughout the town!  If we can get nothing from these, then there must be others!  Find them!  If not, bring me that fat swine the Burgomeister!  I'll tear his wife and children apart in front of him!  Then we'll see what he knows!  He knows something!  He must!  He's the Meister!  Don't tell me this nest of vipers was coiled up here right under his nose with him knowing nothing of it!!  Teach them to laugh at me!

Sontag, 4th Pflugzeit, 3144
I begin to think there is no more we can do here.  If this accursed place will keep it's secrets then let it be damned.  We'll burn it to the ground, by Sigmar.  If we can't find our target with a needle, we'll not miss it with a maul.  

Marktag, 5th Pflugzeit, 3144
I've decided I'll not burn the town.  There is too much to learn here.  If only I can find the keys to these intangible doors...That taunting smile...a little chain of words circles round and round and round  in my head, like some soft-winged insect, fluttering on a gossamer tether...Keeper of Secrets...Keeper of Secrets...

...who is the Keeper of Secrets? 

Festag, 5th Pflugzeit, 3144
I am the Emperor's Inquisitor.  I must remember my mission.  In spite of all my frustrations, I have begun to become too comfortable here.  The town has begun to feel like my own.  Well, why should it not be?  I tore it from the grasp of Council of Six, didn't I?  It's my men who patrol the walls, now.  My birds and riders who speed messages to the Empire.  And I don't ask much.  What's a cask of wine?  What's a woman?  Or two?  Or three?  Have I not earned them?  Think of the state this place would be in without me, eh?  A fine herb, this.  Gentle green stuff.  Makes the toes tingle most pleasantly.  Must find out where it comes from.  Must get more  People know what's nice, here, at least.  got to give them that..

I am the Emperor's Inquisitor.  I must remember my mission.  Or anyway, I must not forget.  But I won't forget.  Of course not.  I have my friends to remind me.  I keep them in the room next to my bedchamber.  At night their moaning makes my women tremble and keep close to me. What pleasure.  This is a good place.

Sontag, 5th Pflugzeit, 3144
Their moaning makes me dream.  Last night I dreamt that a ribbon of my friends' blood came running out of the room next door and ran under my bed  like a long brown finger and disappeared.  The brown finger carried in it the whispers of my friends. The whispers will tell me where to find the Keeper of Secrets.  That makes sense.  Of course!  Absurdly Simple!  They couldn't tell me because the Keeper can't come to you in the waking world.  He lives in the World of Dreams and He comes to you in dreams.  Need more of the nice green herb.  It brings on the dreams.  Makes them sharp.

Donnertag, 6th Pflugzeit, 3144
 A white bull.  Iron-thewed and snorting.  His horns are crowned with flowers.  He drops great, fragrant shits upon the grass and roars in his abandon.  He bellows in his lust and all the world trembles in terror and delight amidst his voluptuous stink.

Festag, 6th Pflugzeit, 3144
 I am the Inquisitor.  My eyes burn within my high, white hood.  Where my shadow falls, there comes terror, bounding.  I shall gather all to me in my lust.  All shall be as grist to the mill of my unbounded appetites.   

Sontag, 7th Pflugzeit, 3144
 I am the White Bull's Inquisitor.

Backertag, 9th Pflugzeit, 3144
Filthy Treason!  They are plotting against me!  They deny it, but they cannot keep secrets from me now!  I am a Lord of Secrets!  A keeper of things hidden!  The Council of Six!  But they are dead, my friends...I am the Council of Six, now!  

Knights Panther, clinging to your illusions of morality...your cheap loyalties to a vulgar, mortal Godling.  What's an Emperor?  Where shall he be when the great bull comes stamping, champing, bellowing, letting loose before him all the secret terrors of the world?  Your brains will burst, Knights Panther!  You'll shrivel and whither whine before him...great Bull...Great Bull...

Sontag, 10th Plfugzeit, 31-
What's that friends?  What are you moaning about now?  Ah!  I must away.  They'll be coming soon.  My power is not yet great enough to resist them, curse them!  But I'll come back.  I'll come back, someday, knight-kittens...I'll away to the east, to the borders.  I'll find new friends, good friends who can rend and kill for the God-Bull.  Then I'll come back.  And I'll lay this place once more under the shadow of my hood.  I'll rend and burn!  I'll crush!  I'll rip open this land and drink my fill of it's insides!  You'll learn what it is to fear the God-Bull!  
Ach!  They're Coming!  Away!

To:  The Grand Inquisitor Hengist Rathskinder

Your Excellency, 
I have already written you of my fears that all was not well with Inquisitor Steinke.  Here we have the sad proof that my suspicions were more than justified.  The last few entries in his notebook tell far more than any report I could write on the subject.  In all my years of service with the Inquisitor, I knew him to be an upright, pure and valiant man.  None of us could have imagined that Inquisitor Steinke could have been turned to the worship of the ruinous powers at all, let alone within so short a time, with so little warning.  I am terribly sorry, and deeply regret that I did not perceive the onset of his sickness sooner.  I shall always wonder if I could have done something to save him.  I have sent some men of the troop to hunt for him, but I am sure they will not find him.  Yet I feel his threat to return someday was not an idle one.  We shall keep our swords sharp for him, and, I hope, someday sheathe them in his bone.

Tomorrow, we shall burn the town of Damd.

Otto von Drachensfeld, Captain, Knights Panther

  Luptuous Stenk is a Chaos Champion in the Army of BuzzGobb Phesterlick.  The addition of his little gang of nasty fellows should bring my Chaos army pretty close to 3,000 points...just that regiment of Beastmen to go...

Well, that little trip to the dark side wore me out.

A beer or two, then to bed.


  1. Great story and great miniatures - not bad :-).

  2. Whew! Mouse, please be careful!! That's treading a little close, one minute one is writing a fantastic story about the power and the joys of Chaos and then the next...well, the next ... Really terrific looking unit of thugs! Can't wait to see them in action!

    1. Don't worry, it turned out ok. Woke up next morning and was still myself.

      ...I think. Because if I wasn't myself, well, would I know?