Saturday, January 31, 2015

Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters

Just had our 4th change of station since we arrived in Godammitstan.  The internet here is spotty as hell, so its a battle to post anything, and the constant moving around and long hours have conspired to keep me from painting as much as I'd like, but I still manage to get a few things done here and there.  My latest completed project:  The five Bounty Hunters Grenadier made for West End Games' Star Wars Miniatures Battles way back in the mists of time. (A time also known as the 1980s.)
The five pieces here are all nice examples of the line, with lots of nice detail.
Here is Dengar, Han Solo's old racing rival...
 And the weird insect creature, Zuckuss, who worked for both the Imperium and the Rebel Alliance...
The original Boxed set did not contain 4 LOM, the Gand-built droid, as the box artwork seemed to promise.  It did contain a number of figures which had nothing to do with bounty hunting:  some rebel figures and such; pieces that Grenadier couldn't think of anything else to do with, I guess.  Disappointing, as 4-LOM would have been a nice mini to have.
Zuckuss hanging out with my personal favorite of the five, the Wookie hunter, Bossk. 

More Bossk...
And mighty Boba Fett.

So...not a super-exciting post, but there it is.  Not much else to tell.  Plan is to start on a squad of Jabba's bodyguards next, but you know...Man plans and the Gods laugh.
'til next time...stay frosty!


  1. Badass. I've got a bag of west end Star Wars somewhere with the Fett. Time to start digging. Ur bossk looks boss.

    1. Thanks, man! They are worth digging out. Tough to work on, but rewarding!

  2. Really terrific job on these Bounty Hunters, Mouse!! Your Grenadier Star Wars collection is getting pretty darned impressive! And I agree about Bossk. I have a real soft spot for Trandoshans, which of course is a terrible thing to admit when one also loves Wookies too...

    1. Thanks, P.W! Yeah, a Wookie hunter, what a jerk! Who doesn't like a race of 8 foot intelligent tree sloths?

      Can't help liking him, though.