Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Skrawchutt Blackmaw's Black Skaven Guard

It is a matter of some debate among the wise as to whether the largest and most aggressive Skaven are born with black fur, or if they dye their fur black to mark themselves out as members of an elite.
What is certain in the case of the Skaven of the Fleafell, at least, is that the Verminlord Ratchedd Ticknibble is rarely without his company of exceptionally tough and vicious black-furred led by the Sewertyrant Skrawchutt Blackmaw.  Here for your viewing pleasure are presented a few pictures of Skrawchutt and his crack guardsrats.
Skrawchutt is a good Skaven Lieutenant, which means he is always one or two steps away from murdering his Verminlord, Ratchedd.  Ratchedd keeps a close eye on him and tries to make sure he always keeps the assassins of Clan Eshin in hand for the day when he has to eliminate his right hand rat.
The standard bearer of the Black Skaven Guard.  The standard is not atypical of the banners carrried by the hosts of the Fleafell...head of the Horned Rat emblazoned on a black field.  The chunk of raw Warpstone at the top of the banner pole hints at its having magical properties.
Another shot of the standard being carried into action...
The regimental piper provides us with an interesting study of a Skaven musician and his instrument.  The weird pipes which clan Skyre provides to the Skaven warbands fill the air above a gathering Skaven host with a chilling and unearthly caterwaul.  The precise method of their construction is still not well understood.
A typical Fleafell Guardsrat.  His upright bearing and fierce aspect alone mark him out as a member of an elite unit, but in addition he wears the closest thing to a uniform to be found in the armies of The Fell, enhancing his distinct appearance.
His weapons are also unique to his regiment.  These troops carry the heavy halberd for killing and a coil of stout rope for restraining valuable captives who'll they eventually take back to the Fleafell as slaves.
The regiment prepares to attack...
I actually painted all these minis in Afghanistan, but had to wait til I got home to make up a banner for them.  It doesn't show up very well in this rather poor scan, but I chose to paint my Black Skaven to match the illustration in Warhammer Armies...I liked the dark green on very dark grey fur.  I'm not tremendously happy with the standard.  I may swap it out with a scarier and more imposing one later.  So the Skaven are coming along.  A regiment of Skavenslaves is next, I think.
"Attack-Attack!  Kill-Kill!"


  1. Awesome work Dude, similar to my Black Skaven/Stormvermin (depends upon edition) unit in that you've used multiples of the halberd and rope toting mini, he's one if my favourites of the whole range.

    I look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks, Snickit! Yes, that halberdier is a great mini!

  2. Kick ass stuff mouse
    I had an article in mind with a very similar explanation of the black furred elites.
    Yours look awesome, mine are still in progress, but will someday be known as Sewertyrant Xerxes Immortals. I'm doing them in the original skaven army book red for the nostalgia but also for the storyline that you'll never see them bleed.
    I'm glad you're home safe from your deployment

    1. Thanks, man! Looking forward to seeing your completed army!