Saturday, June 27, 2015

Star Wars: Classic Rebel Heroes Part 3: Lando Calrissian

Well, Hello!  What have we here?  Why it's Lando Calrissian!  Former gambler, smuggler and colonial administrator turned revolutionary and Rebel officer!  Also widely acknowledged as the handsomest man in the Galaxy or so he claims, though he doesn't like to boast, you know.
This figure isn't too bad, though it's definitely not one of the best that Julie Guthrie did for the Star Wars line.  Julie didn't quite capture Billie Dee Williams' facial features as well as she did Mark Hamil's or those of some of the other characters.  Still, everybody likes Lando, so painting this little group was fun.

 Lando in his Skiff Guard disguise.  I used the action figure below as a painting guide, not realizing the colors differ from those of the the actual costume Billie wore in the film.  You can see the difference in the movie still below.  Looks really good though, I think.

Lando's right hand man, the android Lobot.  Lobot's brain is hooked up to Bespin's central computer so Lobot can run most of the city's functions right out of his own melon.  Wish I could mow the lawn like that.  Nice figure.  So well sculpted it makes me look like I know what I'm doing painting it.  Since Lobot was pretty much a permanent fixture of Cloud City, I gave him a different base from the others.
The lining of Lando's cloak is interesting.  Lots of tiny green and orange Chinese Dragons.  They just look like little flecks from far away, though.
Small but fun addition to my Star Wars collection.  What I really need to do is step screwing around and get back to finishing my Rebel Fleet and Imperial Army Platoons so I can get a game going!


  1. Well look at you! A General huh?

    Nice job on the old pirate!

  2. Nice work, not a fan of the sculpt of lando but you painted it well nonetheless.

    1. Thanks, Chico! Yeah, I don't get the "stop in the name of love" pose that Julie has him doing, but you've got to have Lando in the collection!