Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Borodino at Enfilade 2016

At last!  The day of battle was upon us!

Field Marshall Hamm's beautifully painted French hordes advance against the Russian redoubts...
View From the French left.  Looks impressive, but in fact, nobody on this side of the battlefield did much of anything for the entire battle...

Doug's nifty field ambulance vignette.  They would have lots of work to do today...

View from behind the redoubt in the center of the Russian lines...

Cossacks skillfully screen the Russian left flank...

Polish(?) infantry advancing for the glory of the French Emperor...

More of Napoleon's legions...

As the game kicks off, my little cavalry corps re-deploys to cover a rather conspicuous weak point in our line located  behind the ruined village of Semenovskaya...

A delightfully painted corps of Cossacks covers the Russian far right...Beautiful work, whoever painted these...I love 'em!

The mighty Russian Imperial Guard await their orders to commit to battle.  As it turned out, the orders didn't come in time to make any difference, but hey...that's life.

The advancing French destroy the Russian infantry blocking the path to Semenovskaya, tearing a hole in the Russian lines.  It's my boys' time to shine!

My Ivans sweep through the smoldering streets of Semenovskaya and advance to meet the accursed Frogs!

The massed cavalry columns collide in a hurricane of steel and horseflesh as, to their right, the French reach the main redoubt, grappling with James' Russian infantry.  James fights his battle brilliantly, and, despite a horrible tactical situation, holds out to the very end...

My hussars blunt the assault of Bob's heavy cavalry but the French horsemen decimate my ranks before retiring.  Next time I'll know not to put light cavalry up against heavies!

French infantry defeat the battered remnants of Revsky and Borozdi's forces, killing them or driving them out of their fleches, but my horse artillery open up at close range and clear the French from the captured fortifications in the very moment of their hard-won triumph!

The French horse re-group for another round of attacks.  My Hussar division is wrecked, so my Dragoons go forward!

Count Pyotr Bezukhov asks "May I be of assistance to anyone?"  Unfortunately, he is not killed.

My horse artillery make their last stand near the woods.  I was proud of them.  Despite their limited range, they eliminated two French infantry stands and damaged another one before being crushed by the French guns.

Russian reserve cavalry gallop toward the inferno.  I don't know what they were doing, but I thought they were beautiful, so I took a picture.

My Dragoons meet the French charge...

Again they compel a French retreat, but again the French leave my ranks in tatters.  I have only a skeleton crew left to meet the last charge...!  ...And there it ended.  After a long, hard fought game, the Russian left wing was completely destroyed, while battered but grimly determined columns of French still stormed stubbornly forward.  It was over.  Doug called he game for the French.  An awesome game.
Cheers to Doug Hamm, who put on a great game, and to everybody who contributed as players, mentors and painters.  See you next year!


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you liked it, Michael! We certainly enjoyed gaming it!

  2. Nice set of pictures here. You also have a way better grasp of the names than I do. The cossacks were painted by Doug (lead stand) and myself (second 2). Astonishing the paint jobs look so similar to each other actually. I suspect on closer inspection Dougs troops would look better......as they always do.

    1. Ah, thanks for the clarification, Dave! Your minis look stunning!

    2. Thanks! =) It's so easy to be overly critical of ones own work. Kinda like painting a room.....you know exactly where all the mistakes are.

  3. Epic and amazing, Mouse!! Must have been a treast to play in such a spectacular game! And great to see your own troops peformed well too! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. It was great stuff, PW! Glad you enjoyed looking!

  4. I am glad you enjoyed it. I looked at the cossacks once again and indeed 'daveb' is correct and I do have one of my own painted elements in the lead; which only shows that all the different painters efforts look unified on the table with a common basing style. Yours looked good on the table and I trust you will fill in more.
    Thanks for the kind comments

    1. Thanks, Doug! Yes it was a great game, and the armies looked terrific! Have you got a plan for next year yet?