Sunday, May 8, 2016

Russian Hussars at Borodino

The last unit of my Russian Cavalry Corps are these Hussars.  They don't look like much, but I am all out of time to work on them, and so unfortunately this is as good as they are ever going to get.

I've painted both stands as being of the Izoum regiment....
...shown here painted by Keith Rocco in the big mix-up with French Cuirassiers at Borodino.

Like the Dragoons, these are Perry minis, and they're not bad, but there's something about them that made my paintbrushes surly, unhappy and bad at their job.  I'm no happier with these than I was with my Dragoons, but try, try again, right?

The braid on their chests refused to allow itself to be dry brushed, for some reason.  Not sure why.

I brooded over letting them have their pelisses in spite of the fact that they did not wear them on the day of the battle.  I have the pelisses painted up, however, and will take them with me to the con in case I change my mind.  Pelisses just look so damn good!

My finished corps.  Had to re-base the gun as it turns out I had it on the wrong size base.  Grr.  Well, they're not pretty, but you don't have to be pretty to be able to fight, right?  We'll see how they do at Borodino.  I'll post some pictures of them in action at Enfilade sometime in early June. 



  1. S~o much detail, I don't know how you cope and go on, let them have their pelisses. :)

  2. They look fine. Don't beat up yourself. And, yes, trust they will fight well for you.