Saturday, September 24, 2016

Flames of War: More Grenadier Guards (300 point upgrade)

Just finished up the latest addition to my FOW British armored squadron:  the company's fourth and final Sherman tank platoon and a motor platoon. 
The Shermans are pretty much the same as the other platoons...2 mark Vs and a Firefly...

I like the British infantry models a lot, and painting them was a lot less trying than working on the German infantry models.  There's a lot more in the way of fiddly details with the Germans...bread bags, gas mask canisters and the like...that the British don't have.
The motor platoon is small but well armed, with command stand, PIAT, light mortar and 3 machine gun teams, not a lot of staying power, but enough firepower for smaller jobs... 
 And they look cool riding in amongst the tanks, which is important too.
The platoon's transport are four American Harvester M5 half-tracks.  No machine guns, unfortunately.  Pretty much anything looks better with a machine gun on it, but the British seem to have preferred to use theirs for other purposes.
 I love half tracks!  German, American, even French...they all look great! 
  Some time back I bought some Bolt Action German h-tracks, intending to convert them to transport for a Rogue Trader Imperial Guard force.  Haven't gotten around to getting started on them,  many projects, so little time.

The Squadron so far...1200 points!  The next 300 points will be a lorried rifle platoon and a heavy mortar platoon.  After that, I just need to add 4 command Shermans, 1 for each platoon, and a fighter bomber.  That will push the force out to 2,000 points, which is as far as I'm going with my FOW armies.

War Walks: Operation Goodwood


  1. That's a seriously impressive unit.

    1. Thanks, Michael! I'm hoping it will get bigger still by year's end...

  2. Terrific looking force! Love the half-track riders!

    I am really into WWII gaming at the moment. Much Bolt Action, although holding off on getting the 2nd edition for the time being, just love the first one so much! Also a bit of Flames of War mania too, but in 20mm and 10mm. Soviets mostly. Actually on my painting desk are Soviets in 20mm, 10mm, and 54mm (most of the Bolt Action I play in 54). Anyway, sorry I haven't been around much. My camera (or rather my wife's old camera) is now kaput and I really haven't been that into internetin' and such. But super great to see your last bunch of posts, Mouse!! And thanks too for the Sisters link! Must check that out sometime soon. Used to be really into them. Wore out my cassettes of Vision Thing and First Last and Always.

    See ya, Mouse,


  3. Good hearing from you, P.W.! Yeah, Sisters were my band back in college days. I've seen them, or rather, him, live a couple of times over the last ten years or so. I still get them out sometimes when I need gaming inspiration. The Royal Albert Hall concert was the last show before the Eldritch/Marx/Hussey version of the band broke up. I had a cd of the concert for years and listened to it about 500 million billion times, so finding this video was interesting.
    As to WW2 stuff, I've been getting deeper and deeper into FOW lately. I've got some more armies lined up to get started on if I can ever finish these two. I have a bunch of 28mm Germans and Soviets for Bolt Action but only a handful are painted and I've only had a couple of chances to try the game, sadly. Would like to get more into it. I'd also love to get started on a pulp inter-war collection. I have some of Bob Murch's British adventurers and a few of his She-Wolves, all such wonderful many projects, so little time!