Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rogue Trader: Inquisitor Byrne

Another member of the Inquisitorial team dispatched to The Wailing Reach during the 3rd 'Stealer war is shown here, having recently made Planet fall on Geminion Prime during the early phases of the struggle.

Inquisitor Claudius Byrne was the only member of the team to have the distinction of having fought in all three phases of the Genestealer conflict in the Wailing Reach.  Though at an advanced age when signs of a Genestealer  resurgence in the region became apparent, the aged Inquisitor came out of retirement to help 'finish the job' in the Wailing Reach once and for all.

Inquisitor Byrne arrived for the 3rd time on Geminion Prime with the same weapons that `had made him famous in his greener years, a combi-weapon incorporating a flamer and las pistol and a terrible Daemon weapon with a white hot edge.

Byrne was well known for his preference for fire-based weapons, firmly maintaining that 'That which has been shot, hewn, beaten or broken to pieces may yet return to life, but that which has been reduced to a pile of ash and char is far less likely to return to trouble The Emperor's peace."

He is shown here accompanied by two menacing henchmen` and one of the cherub constructs he preferred to use to simultaneously announce summons to trial, determination of guilt and passing of sentence upon heretics and aliens alike.

"This is your trial.  The verdict is guilty.  The sentence is fire."


  1. Yes please!

    There's something about Inquisitor Byrne's white eyebrows that communicate everything you need to know about the man. Those eyebrows will take NO SHIT.

    (And by the way, I lovelovelove the staging of these photographs.)

    1. Fearsome eyebrows indeed. They actually function as a supplementary weapon system, in much the same way as does a Striking Scorpion's mandiblaster. Thanks about the photos. I've been making trips to the craft store and having fun building terrain with plastic flowers and the like. Wife thinks I've gone crazy but my son loves it.

  2. This is some serious cool stuff. I love the way you gave uniformity to the bunch and how you made them look like a real group. I also agree, the pics are ace!!