Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rogue Trader: Space Ork Rokkit Boys and Buzzsaw Boys

Time to add some specialist infantry to my Space Ork squad of close combat boys and one of heavy support....
I've equipped the Buzzsaw Boys and their nob with chainswords and bolt pistols... fellow has a toast the enemy a little before the Buzzsaw Boys make contact.
"Grr...Keep yer distance, you!"
Elsewhere on the field we have the Rokkit Boys...heavy support to clear the way for the advance of the horde...
 ...armed with, amoung other things, four of the deadly and versatile rokkit launchers the Orks so dearly love..   
"Smash!  Bang! Boom! Now 'have some fungus beer and enjoy da smoke n' flames.  Heh...Purty, dat!"
...of course the squad also needs a lot of other lads to carry ammo and pull security and stuff like that...
Anyway...big step forward on the Ork horde.  I still want to add two more squads of boys, two squads of Gretchin, a squad of power armored nobs, a dreadnought, a hop splat gun, warboss and a special cavalry unit.  That will about do it.
The grisly green gang so far!  64 foot figures, 5 bikes, a wartrakk and a battlewagon...not doing too bad!  'Ere we go!!


  1. Absolutely superb, what a formidable unit.

  2. 64 FIGURES!? Holy Jumping Jeebus. Great painting. Your horde is magnificent.
    And I just love your choice of miniatures, Mr. Mouse. Those early Rogue Trader orks are the very essence of Warhammer for me. That motorcycle gang aesthetic gets me moist-eyed.

    1. Thanks, Matt! I totally agree; that first wave of Orks GW made are my favorites as well. Still trying to track a lot of them down. The biker boys say hi. Or rather, 'Oi!'

  3. Replies
    1. Yar! An' Dere's more where dey came from!!