Saturday, October 6, 2018

Rogue Trader: More Space Ork Motorboys!!

I told myself that I was finished with Der Afrikorkorps and wasn't going to do any more troops for it but....
...I did some more troops for it.

I had so much fun doing the first batch of biker boys that it turned out to be hard to stay away, especially after I realized that I had not included Sleazy Rider in the group!  That simply had to change.  So Der Afrikorkorps has grown by 5 more biker boys.  Here they are.

I had forgotten all about the existence of Sleazy Rider, but while lying in bed one night thumbing through an ancient copy of White Dwarf (from 1988 or thereabouts), I noticed him occupying the bottom of an advertisement for some special limited edition releases.

Grrr!!!  How could I have put together a whole squad of RT biker boy conversions without recalling this fellow?  He was a perfect fit for Der Afrikorkorps!  It took a while but I tracked a casting down.  The muzzle of the gun on the casting I bought was broken so I converted his weapon into a double barreled shotgun by adding two lengths of wire.  I actually like it better than the original weapon.
With the bike squadron swelling to 10 models, I wanted to add a special weapon, so I added a plasma gun.  The model wasn't not easily convertible, so he's just sort of awkwardly perched on the seat, no hands on handle bars, but his biker jacket with the ripped sleeves and biker boots are certainly appropriate.
 For the most part I'm pretty happy with how these guys turned out, though.
 Rooooommm!  Rroooooommmm!!
This guy wasn't supposed to be the boss, originally, but I really like him so he probably is the boss now.
Der Afrikorkorps crashes through my home built alien desert scrub forest, lookin' fer a fight!   Waarrgghh!


  1. The BOSS does look like the BOSS so it's probably fitting that he is the BOSS.

  2. These guys are awesome. Orks are just such a natural fit for motorbikes.

    1. Thanks, Orky boy! At last, I have the Ork motorcycle gang that I've always wanted!

  3. Awesome, they look great, the original orks are the best orks.

  4. Ha ha! The Orcs look great! Diggin' that last image.