Monday, April 15, 2019

Chariot Wars: Hittite Commander and another Canaanite chariot

Just managed to finish a small but Important part of my Warhammer Ancients Hittite army.  Here is the army's general and a fourth Syrian chariot to reinforce the Maryannu squadron that I already have.  All Ral Partha figures from the nineties, just like all the others so far.
Typical late Hittite war chariot with three riders...
...a driver, a stabby guy and the general himself.  Hard to see the General behind the other two...must be crowded in there!
My fourth Syrian chariot...first three were all painted.  I used a cowhide design on this one and I like the look of it a lot.  Going to use that more from now on.
I have two other command chariot models in the Biblical spur of the lead mountain.  I was thinking about selling them off but now I think I may use them for brigade commanders later on.
I knew I wanted some kind of a design on the umbrella.  Researching Hittite symbols led me to all kinds of strange discoveries.  Many Hittite motifs have remained in use in Europe into very recent times.  Polish/Austrian style two headed eagles, Annunaki winged sun symbols, swastikas and a thunder cult undoubtedly related to the Nordic cult of Thor all featured prominently in Hittite culture.  I was also surprised to learn that the Hittites were the first Europeans to use iron.  Thank God for War games.  Without them I probably never would have learned so much about these very interesting people.
I wanted a two headed eagle for the general's umbrella but didn't trust my hand, going instead with this wonky sort of off center swastika which I felt was interesting and even a bit Flintstonian.  If I can work up the skill and courage to try a two headed eagle on another command figure's umbrella I'll probably make that guy my general and demote this fellow to the status of a brigade commander.   Don't tell him that, though. 
So what's left for my Hittite army?  Quite a bit, really.  Two squadrons of four chariots each, 18 more Syrian levy archers, 1 more unit of Syrian spear men.  And I'll need a dozen or so chariot riders and about twenty auxiliary skirmishers.  So I'm about half way there....