Saturday, August 16, 2014


"In the hellishly repressive dystopia of America's not too distant future, mindless, televised violence is the last surviving art form.  A dying society's yearning for catharsis finds its ultimate expression in the TOWER OF JUSTICE, seventeen stories of carnage and cameras, where hundreds of condemned criminals fight to the death daily in glorious prime time.  Enter GARROTTE, a living mountain of muscle and angst, a man determined to take the 'long walk' to the top of the tower, where, it's just possible, the ultimate prize of freedom awaits...for whatever it's worth."

"They said I wasn't right in the head..."
Thanks again to Stefano Cardoselli for inviting me to put words to his artwork.  Stefano essentially sent me the finished pages of art, supplied me with the names Garrotte and Tower of Justice and said 'write whatever you think works over the top of it, we just have to make sure we get the hero to (spoiler spoiler spoiler) at the end."  Considering the helter skelter way it was all arranged, I'm very happy with this descent into pure insanity turned out.

Thanks as well to Bram Meeham, who did a stellar job of turning my fiddly, fussy, wordy script into stately letters on the page, and to the irrepressible and always supportive Brian Logan at Thirsty Shadow Comics who organized the kickstarter campaign which made publication possible!

Walk  is available as a pdf download from Comics Drive Thru or you can inquire at Thirsty Shadow to order a print copy.

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