Saturday, February 25, 2017

Knights of the Mittel Mark Pt. 2

 I was browsing back through some old posts recently and realized that it has been almost (gulp!) four years since I've added anything to my Oldhammer Empire/Bretonnian army.  Almost 4 years?  Is it really possible that that much time has gone by?  Father Time.  He's a man without pity.  Well, time to get back to adding some things to it and hopefully I can push my army out past 2,000 points by the end of the year.  We'll start with more knights and infantry.
The concept for my Warhammer human army that I dreamed up way back in the day concerned a Lord whose father had lost his barony back in Bretonna, and who had carved out a petty princedom in the Border Princes, on the very edge of the Old World, on the banks of the Black River.
Decades later, his son is doing his best to hold on to his embattled patrimony with the help of a collection of knights who've emigrated to the Border Princes from all over the Old World, bringing their servants and retainers with them.  Each knight is expected to bring a lance of ten retainers and/or mercenaries to battle with him when the Baron calls.  I wanted each knight in the army to have ten infantry somewhere in the collection whose colors matched their knight's livery.  Since this is a frontier army, I wanted a good deal of variation and improvisation to be apparent in the force, however, and although the army has a very feudal/Bretonnian feel so far, I wanted a mix of arms, clothing and equipment to reflect the idea that a number of different Old World races and cultures were represented in its ranks.  This also makes it easier to switch over to the Empire army list whenever I want. I like both army lists, and want to be able to use both without having to have to collect two different armies!
The figures here are a mix of Citadel/Wargames Foundry and Old Glory Medievals...
...with an old Metal Magic fantasy figure thrown in here and there...

I'm not too keen on how these guys turned out, but I guess they'll do for rank and file.  Anyway, I can't spend any more time working on them as I want to get some Syrian archers finished for my Hittite army by the end of this month and time is pressing.
Next I'm going to work on a little clutch of wizards to give the army some powerful character options, then I'll go back to more knights and infantry.  Need some cannon, too.
Marching out to meet the Greenskinned hordes...