Sunday, August 30, 2020

Staff and Clientele at the Mos Eisley Cantina

"Ey!  We don't serve your kind here!"

It's been a very long time since I added anything new to my Star Wars collection.  That's almost certainly because the new movies sucked a lot of the joy out of it for me.  Eventually I'll have to wade into them and try to find things about them that I can bear because my little one likes them and to have something I loved so much in my own childhood that I can share with my son in his seems like a great opportunity.  
Space hotties fishing for some free drinks...too bad they didn't make minis of them...

In that spirit, I picked this crew of Cantina folks to bring with me thinking that I'd enjoy working on them over here and Lo, this month I got them out and started working on them.

Good old Mr. Hammerhead!  I loved my Hammerhead action figure I had when I was about my son's age.  He was just alien!  I painted my lead Hammerhead's shirt the same blue as my plastic Kenner Hammerhead's baby onesie just for nostalgia reasons.  In later years I found out that some busy body had come up with a proper name for Hammerhead and given his species a long back story.  Apparently they are a bunch of stupid boring pacifists or something.  Some people have a need to take the fun out of everything.  Well, they'll always be the Hammerheads to me.  I have a bunch more Hammerhead castings and because the model has such nice limb separation, I plan to chop them up a bit and give them pirate cutlasses and Storm Trooper blasters and what not, as I think the Hammerheads should be a bit treacherous and troublesome, eh?  I mean, just look at the shifty eyes on this fellow below!
Lost my Kenner Hammerhead so long ago.  I need to acquire another one.

Hammerhead with the Cantina's Luddite bartender..."Your Droids!  They'll have to wait outside, we don't want them here!"

I actually ordered these guys for my Rogue Trader campaign.  They are the 'Bar Patrons' pack from Kryomek miniatures.  When they showed up I was surprised to find that they were much closer to 25mm than 28mm.  No worries!  They fit in perfectly with my Star Wars guys!

Kabe, the Chadra Fan who can be seen squeakily demanding her drink from the bartender, although she seems to have been sculpted in a different outfit than she wears in the movie.

Pig Face and Chadra Fan.  I love pigface's don't give a damn, hand in the pocket pose.

Bar Fly.  Probably my favorite of the group.  Because he's a bar fly. 

Horn headed fellow on the right bears more than a passing resemblance to one of the briefly glimpsed figures in the Cantina...
Looks like I painted his 'horn' a different color, though.
Shady Kryomek character.  Blends right in in the Cantina, though.

The infamous amateur surgeon Dr. Evazan.  The movie doesn't give you the impression that Walrus Man's partner would be a surgeon of any kind, but whatever.  I remember the character in the film being dressed in what seemed like mostly rags instead of this more Han Solo type outfit, but there you go.

"Ey!  He doesn't like you!  I don't like you eevah!  You just watch yourself!  I got da deff sentence on twelve systems!"  My wife hates it when I quote from Star Wars ad nauseam so I'm teaching our son to do it with me.
"Ooorrkk!  Yoork Oork urgk!"

These are probably my favorite figures of the lot.  Painting ol' Walrus Man stirred sharp memories of playing with my brand new Walrus man figure that my Mom had just bought for me in our TV room.  I couldn't have been more than 6 or so then, but I remember that chilly evening so well.  Funny, the things that stick with you.  Dr. Evazan is a nice figure.  The figure was originally armed with a very slender scalpel, but it was so thin that no matter what I did it would always break off so I replaced it with a more robust knife which I think looks better anyway.

Later I grew up, sorta, and found out his name is Ponda Baba.  Sorta like Mr. Hammerhead.  

The Modal Nodes get down...
"You will never find a more wretched hive..."

Some interesting raw footage of the Cantina scene

And then, in some even weirder, alternate universe that none of us will ever be able to understand, there was...somehow...this.  Yeah.  Walrus Man gettin' down with Bea Arthur.  Yes.  It happened. I'm sorry.  But not nearly as sorry as I am about The Force Awakens.  No, that was much, much worse than this.  I actually saw this when it came out on Network TV when I was maybe 5 or 6.  It was a pretty big deal to me at the time...

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Old School Ral Partha D&D Dungeon Party # 2


Another gang of Fortune seekers soon to be eaten by Bugbears, most likely.  Not nearly as happy with this group as I was with the last one, somehow they just didn't come out as well but whatever.  They are as finished as they are ever going to get...

The Cleric.  Saintly looking fellow.  Probably spends a lot of his time casting healing spells on the knuckle headed glory seekers who accompany him.  He looks good on the table top, but in the photo his blotchy pupils really stand out which makes me cranky.
I am pretty pleased my my Dwarf thief here... he draws his sword, preparing to defend his rightfully stolen loot.

Fighter type prepares to do some hacking...
"Have at you!"
A rather dashing and mysterious magic user

An angry looking female fighter-thief...or perhaps a ranger makes ready to whack somebody or something with her quarterstaff...

Dwarf again and a female fighter.  I liked the fighter figure but I had to battle long and hard with her face and eventually lost.  Numerous attempts at fixes just sort of layered up so it looks like she has lots of scars.
Arrghh.  Her face is a bit messed up now, but maybe that'll happen when you carry an axe around looking for fights.
My collection of adventurers so far...not a bad selection, but naturally I need more!

...And, of course, some Bugbears to eat them!

Stealthy Approach