Saturday, April 20, 2024

G is for Goblin!


A swarm of savage Goblin warriors emerge from the nighted dungeon depths to assault a band of brave adventurers!

Rapacious and cruel, the evil little runts rush forward, hoping to bring the adventurers down in one furious charge!

The very first wargaming/role playing miniatures I ever owned were bought for me by my Chum Jay for my birthday when I was in the fourth grade.  He got me the Grenadier goblins blister from  the their AD&D figure line sculpted by Andrew Chernak.  The fellow on the left with the sword is the last remaining survivor of that pack, I beleive.  The others I have slowly collected down through the years, and at last they have become painted denizens of my Dwarven Forge dungeon.
An example of the yellow carded Chernak blisters which Jay and I used to eye greedily at the little hobby shop we frequented.

Dave Trampier's wonderful drawing from the original Monster MAnual.

The horde attacks!  The pack had 5 different scupts:  A halberdier, a swordsman, and mace, warhammer and flail armed figures.

                  The great, clumsy flail looks like a fore runner of the Warhammer Goblin Fanatic!

                                      Goblins rush the Dwarf Thief and the Fighter/Magic User!
                                                   A fierce skirmish in the darkened halls!

Seems like that thing would be awkward to use---especially in a close quarters dungeon type environment.  I like these guys, though.
Some simple conversions to some of the warhammer armed Goblins give a little more variety to the poses.
                                                                The halberdiers attack!

Beware!  Goblinses down there!


  1. Some charming sculpts there. Maybe the gobbos choke up on the chain when in tight conditions. The full overhead smash is for when in big rooms.

    1. Thanks! However they manage it, I am fond of the little buggers. Are you doing enfilade this year?