Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Enfilade 2017!

Enfilade, the convention of the Northwest Historical Miniature Gamer Society is held every Memorial Day weekend in Olympia, WA.  And every Memorial Day weekend for the last three years has found me there.  There were tons of great and imaginative games on offer in the main room, and I frenziedly snapped away with my camera whenever I got a break from hurling fistfuls of dice at the table.  I took a lot of pictures this weekend, more than in the past, and I'm throwing a bunch of them up here just for fun.  Enjoy.
First up, Doug and Seth ran a splendid Battle of Eckmuhl game, using their own rule set.  They always put on a fast, furious and fun game.
Some naive person put me in charge of Davout's enormous corps at the very heart of the French army.
Like some monster Oliphant, my horde fought its way up the table, annihilating my friend Ron's corps and - briefly- taking some of my objectives.  

The Austrians had done a good job at hollowing my formations out on my way there, however, and I turned out to be pretty easy prey when, in the game's final rounds, they threw their entire reserve at me and wiped me out.  Oh well.  Getting wiped out is always worth it if you can destroy one of your friends first.  Thanks to Doug and Seth for another terrific game.
 While the French and Austrians were kicking the hell out of each other, a pretty little dwarven civil war game was going on a table away.  The name of the game was "It all started with a labor dispute."
Reminds me of The Tragedy of Mcdeath....
 That wasn't the only underground battle being fought.   Here Germans are counterattacking in a large and lovely Vimy Ridge game that attracted a lot of attention.

great stuff.

 On Sunday Ron hosted an absolutely splendid Pulp Alley scenario.  Part Casablanca, Part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part ultra violence...
Evil Doers congregate in the warehouse.  This particular bunch never actually got around to doing any evil, but they certainly looked menacing enough.
To win, you have to successfully run some errands around town and then get your schweethheart to the plane before the Nazis take over.

My league was the Vichy French.I wad trying to get things in town more or less under control so as to keep the Germans off my back.

Rick kept following me around trying to talk me into letting him have the necessary paperwork to get himself and his dame out of Casablanca but, unsentimental swine that I was, I wasn't having any of it.
I had achieved all my objectives and was on my way to the plane when these yokels appeared in my path and started trying to kill all my guys!
The nerve!  After all, I was only trying to win.  Eventually I became irritated enough with them that I lost interest in winning and, out of sheer spite, focused on trying to kill them.
 Meanwhile the Brotherhood of the Crescent absconded with the Ark of the Covenant and flew away to win the game, which just goes to show me.
Whatever.  We headed back to Rick's place for a drink.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rogue Trader: Space Ork Rokkit Boys and Buzzsaw Boys

Time to add some specialist infantry to my Space Ork squad of close combat boys and one of heavy support....
I've equipped the Buzzsaw Boys and their nob with chainswords and bolt pistols... fellow has a toast the enemy a little before the Buzzsaw Boys make contact.
"Grr...Keep yer distance, you!"
Elsewhere on the field we have the Rokkit Boys...heavy support to clear the way for the advance of the horde...
 ...armed with, amoung other things, four of the deadly and versatile rokkit launchers the Orks so dearly love..   
"Smash!  Bang! Boom! Now 'have some fungus beer and enjoy da smoke n' flames.  Heh...Purty, dat!"
...of course the squad also needs a lot of other lads to carry ammo and pull security and stuff like that...
Anyway...big step forward on the Ork horde.  I still want to add two more squads of boys, two squads of Gretchin, a squad of power armored nobs, a dreadnought, a hop splat gun, warboss and a special cavalry unit.  That will about do it.
The grisly green gang so far!  64 foot figures, 5 bikes, a wartrakk and a battlewagon...not doing too bad!  'Ere we go!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rogue Trader: Inquisitor Byrne

Another member of the Inquisitorial team dispatched to The Wailing Reach during the 3rd 'Stealer war is shown here, having recently made Planet fall on Geminion Prime during the early phases of the struggle.

Inquisitor Claudius Byrne was the only member of the team to have the distinction of having fought in all three phases of the Genestealer conflict in the Wailing Reach.  Though at an advanced age when signs of a Genestealer  resurgence in the region became apparent, the aged Inquisitor came out of retirement to help 'finish the job' in the Wailing Reach once and for all.

Inquisitor Byrne arrived for the 3rd time on Geminion Prime with the same weapons that `had made him famous in his greener years, a combi-weapon incorporating a flamer and las pistol and a terrible Daemon weapon with a white hot edge.

Byrne was well known for his preference for fire-based weapons, firmly maintaining that 'That which has been shot, hewn, beaten or broken to pieces may yet return to life, but that which has been reduced to a pile of ash and char is far less likely to return to trouble The Emperor's peace."

He is shown here accompanied by two menacing henchmen` and one of the cherub constructs he preferred to use to simultaneously announce summons to trial, determination of guilt and passing of sentence upon heretics and aliens alike.

"This is your trial.  The verdict is guilty.  The sentence is fire."