Sunday, September 1, 2013

High Seer Zargo Thrawl and his followers

 Whilst everybody else went to Nottingham and had a great old time, I sat moping around the house an ocean and a continent away, and worked on another war band for my upcoming online game with Private Weird and Thantsants.  Here is my version of the NPC Wizard Zargo Thrawl.  Zargo's forces will be controlled by Thantsants, who is to be our GM.

I love the ram-horn wizard figureThantsants is using for Zargo, (There are some who call him...Tim?) and intend to own him one day, but I don't have him yet, so I fished the classic Citadel "Kindly Old Wizard" out of the lead pile and painted him up with some other minis over the past few days.

Here is how Zargo and his band will look on Thantsants' table...

 ...and here are the minis I picked out to represent Zargo's men-at arms.  Some are newly painted, some are figures I pulled from units I had already painted up.  The knight with the yellow crest was not painted by me.  I got him in an ebay lot already painted.

These gallant arbalastiers and militia longbowmen of the Black River country volunteered to represent Zargo's archers and crossbowmen.

I don't have ten spearmen painted up yet, and I am trying to concentrate on the other two warbands involved in the game, so to save time I am going to use Mayor Broadbelly and some of his peasant militia to represent Zargo's other unit:  Captain Habris and hjis militia patrol.

Here is how Captain Habris  and his men will appear on Thantsants' table...
...and here is Mayor Broadbelly and the boys standing in for them...
So that's two war bands down, two to go.  The remaining bands are mutants of many shapes and hues and should be great fun to put together.  Unfortunately, I have to leave for a dumb school on Wednesday and will be gone most of the month, so not much is going to get done anytime soon...Hopefully some time in October we'll be ready to rumble.