Sunday, April 29, 2012


One bunch of Dwarves just getting down to the finishing touches...

...And another just getting started.

After a few early disasters which are now soaking in Pine Sol, I think I'm finally getting comfortable with the REAPER paint set.  Even someone with my miserably limited painting ability can create a passable-looking figure, once you get used to the...subtlety, I guess, of a lot of the colors.

No chance of finishing these fellows before I'm off for a week with the National Guard, so they'll just be sitting here for a while.  When they're finally done, I'll have the meat  and bones of a Dwarf army...80 Dwarves in four regiments, plus wizard, Golem and Bolt Thrower.

The Green Gaunt

The Green Gaunt haunts riverbanks and reedy pools, from which he can snatch an unwary pet or child with his powerful arms and vanish without trace.
I've loved this figure since I was a kid, and recently picked it up in the old Grenadier Fantasy Monsters boxed set for a lousy ten bucks on ebay.  Woo Hoo!