Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Little Cairo: The Little Cairo Constabulary


The Little Cairo Constabulary - guardians of Law and Order (of a sort) within their er...most beloved and beautiful city.  You see my friend?  See how they labor tirelessly to suppress the wicked Cthulhu cult!  (Until the cultists pay them not to).  See how they lay down their lives to protect Egypt's beloved cultural antiquities!  (Until those Westerners can come up with a respectable bribe.)  And see how they seize contraband wherever they find it!  (keeping a modest bit for themselves of course.  Hey, they're not constables for nothing!)  Whether monitoring foreign activities, hauling trouble makers off to the gaols, or deftly avoiding the latest clutch of blood curdling eldritch horrors to emerge from the catacombs, the Contabulary always have their hands (and their purses) full.

Inspector Ibrahim, fearless leader of the constables!
Shawish Mustafa loves nothing more than enormous meals and fine hashish.  To ensure he always has a surplus of both, he long ago entered into the very profitable business of collecting and selling secrets around Little Cairo.  By clever and calculating abuse of his position, he has become a man or no small means and influence.  Most consider him to be the Constabulary's real leader.
Mehmed and Mamoud, two brave constables who have already seen enough horror and strangeness in little Cairo to last them a lifetime.  Still, they can't quit...the money's just too good!
The inspector sets out with his trusty sidekick Abu to set up a shake-down...er a sting!  Yeah...a sting!


  1. These are lovely figures, they have so much potential for quirky games and you've done a really good job painting them.
    I thought you had given up on the blog so happy to see that's not true. I've done bugger all recently so not seen that you've started posting again. If you see this I'm impressed with the ghost in your previous post. The one that looks a bit like a genie just emerging from a bottle but with a ghoulish head. Do you mind telling me where he came from.

  2. Ahoy, vagabond!! Yes I vanished for a lengthy bit but I've returned. Hope you've been doing well. Thanks for the kind comment, and I'm looking forward to trying to get these into some games soon, inspired in part by some of your own table top epics. The ghost is a grenadier figure made either for their call of cthulhu or chill lines. Still available from mirliton miniatures in Italy, I beleive...