Saturday, April 6, 2024

X is for Xorn

                                                    Weird, Mis-shapen Tunnelers of Stone...
                                                        Eaters of metals in the lonely dark...
                                                   Three eyes above, and three arms below....
                                              'neath champing jaws which grind gold and bone!

One of Gary Gygax's weirder and most memorable creations,  The Xorn churns his way through the earth, searching for the precious metals which make up his diet.  These sculpts are Andrew Chernak's and date to the late 70s/early 80s, from Grenadier's original AD&D line.  Fine looking pieces they are, too!
A group of adventurers encounter a pair of Xorn keen to help themselves to the a feast of hard-won gold and silver!
A spellcaster blasts one of the Xorns with sizzling sorcery!  Will it be enough to stop this child of stone?
Nay!  The proud Xorn exults in victory, his bellows of triumph re-echo through the vast galleries of stone which are his home!

                                                       Sons of Stone wade into battle!

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