Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back at it.

At last.  My little painting desk is built.  The Reaper Paint set has arrived.  They threw in some free brushes which was very nice of them.  Mrs Mouse mailed me a box of minis and other stuff from back home.  Now I can return to what really matters:  Painting and playing with little toys.  So this is pretty much what will be filing up my field of vision when I'm not sitting on dumb screen lines, finding IEDs, filling out stupid paperwork for battalion or going through whatever other pointless motions are deemed necessary here at the end of this largely botched conflict.  Stack of diet coke stolen from chow hall within easy reach. Minis. Paints. Internet on the laptop, MST3K's Revenge of the Creature on the mini DVD player in the background.  Mini coffee maker next to the mini dvd player.  I'm set for the duration!

Time to get back to work.


  1. Hey Mouse,

    When I clicked on your photo my son shouted out, "Whoa, Luke's Landspeeder and Luke!! And another Luke! And another Luke and wow so many Lukes!" Great collection to get you painting again Mouse. I like the Julie Guthrie Barbarian too. Hope your painting desk will make it feel a little like home for you.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I'm a little rusty and goofed up the Lukes. They are soaking in various nasty chemicals right now. But I'll get back to em soon...