Saturday, April 27, 2019

Jezebel's Joint: A Sleazy Space Dive...

For the last year or so I've been working on building up a pretty sizeable sci-fi/post apocalyptic space port/shanty town/wretched hive of scum and villainy type table but I haven't posted any of the progress until now.  Here's one of the focal points of the set up....
Jezebel's joint!!!
Jezebel's was a bar with a very shady reputation which I discovered when I was going to college in San Francisco way back in the day.  I lived right around the corner from Jezebel's at about the time William Vollman was writing Whores for Gloria, which mostly takes place within a few blocks of the spot.
The neighborhood was a slice of the third world but Jezebel's had a library full of literary classics and military history and I used to go there after class or work and prop up the bar for hours, reading and draining glass after glass of Hefeweizen.  The place is long gone now.  All things considered that might be for the best but I do have some good memories of the place.
I made the sign out of plasticard, dowel and the cover of the last Jezebel's matchbook I had left.  Come to think of it I've had that matchbook for about twenty years now.  Weird.
The interior of my model Jezebel's captures some of the vibe of the real one.  The picture behind the bar is a sticker that came out of a pack of Varga trading cards an old girlfriend gave me um...about twenty years ago!  It's been floating around in boxes for a long time. I couldn't get that terrible crease out of it but I still think it looks good.  The little movie posters came out of a Blue Underground DVD catalog.  Been saving it for years to use for this very purpose.
The structure is made up of two Armorcast buildings glued together to make a bar room up front and a lounge in the back.  View of fatboy from the lounge area.  Armorcast has retired their line of stucco buildings which is a shame.
Plenty of room on the filthy garbage strewn roof top for fightin' and such...
Stairs lead up to the door shown in the photo above...more smut on the wall there.
Long shot of the lounge...
More lounge.  The booths are made by Miniature Building Authority.

 "Sorry about the mess."...Apologies...I don't have my Han Solo and Greedo painted up yet...The little green thing on the table is supposed to be a napkin holder but I didn't think that napkins were really very much in the spirit of Jezebel's so I painted it the front of each green to try and make them look like intercoms or a monitors or something...
 Exterior with local color and a Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! poster...
 More exteriors...I have lots more stuff that I haven't posted yet...lots of ramps and platforms, shanties and things of that nature...
 Gotta have big fans in your post apocalyptic buildings.  There's no way around it.  I learned that from the eighties.

Jezebel's is open for business again!


  1. That is absolutely brilliant! I love the little details like the posters and blood splattered tabletop.

  2. Thanks, Michael! Little touches can make a big difference. Glad you like it.

  3. Fantastic stuff. I love that it's modeled on a memorable location from real life. I recognize a few of the armourcast gubbins....they have good stuff for scratch building for sure. Looking forward to seeing more of your wretched den of iniquity.

    1. Thanks, Dave! I do like Armorcast...wish they would get back to making buildings like they used to. Thankfully there are lots of people putting out shanty town stuff these days. There's a lot more coming. Hopefully soon. Are you going to be at Enfilade again this year?

    2. I missed trumpeter salute this year, but enfilade looks like its going to happen for me. Hotel booked already and everything. I can see why resin buildings wouldn't be a great investment these days with mdf and 3d printing. Gubbins for buildings (like vents, doors, terminals, etc) seem like a good idea though.

  4. That is artwork, consider your stair method stolen.

    1. Thanks, Baconfat! I don't know if its artwork but I do appreciate the kind comment.

  5. Great work. Love the background inspiration too.

  6. I've not been on my blog for a while so missed these posts, just wanted to say how good I thought Jezebel joint is. Great attention to detail, the posters make a great addition to the vibe of the place. Russ Meyer must have been a big influence on you in your formative years:) it's quite a homage to his films.
    Hopefully you will post more of these buildings and hopefully I will have a bit more time to pick up on your posts.

    1. Thanks, Vagabond! Glad you like Jezebel's. I am painting up some more buildings to go with the bar right now. And yes, there will be more sleazy posters on the walls. Still love Russ Meyer.