Friday, July 5, 2024

Old School Ral Partha D&D Dungeon Party #4

Yet another party of bold adventurers arrives to test thier wits and wills against the horrifying denizens of the Caves of Chaos!  One might have thought that they would have learned something from the grisly fates of the three parties that went before them but alas, nay.  "Let's find the biggest, most powerful monsters we can and attack 'em!  If we kill 'em, we'll get a ton of treasure and experience points!"  The caves of Chaos will likely hold their bones.

A fighter/magic user goes for his sword at the sword of unseen feet stealthily approaching...

This figure was obviously selected as the inspiration for the 'Fighter Mage with magic sword" character from Nova games old Lost Worlds fighting fantasy game books. a series of which I am a fan.  The details of the man's face and equipment match the character on the cover of the book exactly, and I painted him to match for Lost Worlds games.
A wizard converses with the skull of an old friend,  (Perhaps his father's court jester or Shaman?) on which path might now be the best to take. 
This figure was an early Tom Meier sculpt, I beleive, from the look of him I'd guess Tom completed him around the time he was working on the Condottieri series, as he has a wee something of a renaissance look about him.  Dr. Faust, I presume?  He was marketed as "Necromancer".

Back, ye undead!  Back in yer tombs where ye belong!  A cleric hurls his holy power at the dark denizens of the caverns...

A swashbuckling, albeit rather puzzled looking? female elf thief or fighter/thief, perhaps wondering how she got here.  I think this figure was actually part of the very antique Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age line, and from the rather nautical looking boots and sword  gather this mini may have been intended to represent Valeria.  In common with a lot of figures from that line, she has a bit of an awkward look to her...the Ral Partha sculptors were still very young and had not yet hit their stride but I still like her.
This party must be relying more on brains than brawn to get through the caverns as they have brought few fighters but plenty of thieves and spellcaasters.  This female halfling thief is not actually a Ral Partha product but a Grenadier one.  She was sculted by Julie Guthrie, who worked for both companies, though, and fits in nicely.

"Valeria" and Fred the Dwarf.  Grr!  saith Fred.  Goblins?  Let me at 'em!
The spellcasters convene to come up with a plan.  "This way!"  "No, that way!"  "Hmm...What say ye, Yorick?"
Ack!  Goblin attack!  Will our heroes survive?

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