Monday, August 26, 2019

Skummburg: A Wretched Hive of You Know What

First big installment on Skummburg after Jezebel's Joint...three new buildings plus a windmill, some street lamps and some bits of furniture and fluff...
It was all quite a bit of work but I'm more or less happy with how things are turning out with it  Have some plans for expanding it considerably here in the not too distant future with some more shanties from Miniature Building Authority.
Space Scum salute their new home with some celebratory fire....
My first taste of Warhammer 40k was the big fat Rogue Trader book, so I've always been more of a fan of those earlier, pulpy visions of the 40k universe than of the 'Grim dark' look which came to dominate in subsequent editions.  Skummburg is very much influenced by the illustrations of Logan's World and Helsreach from that tome.  I can really do without the endless acres of Gothic Cathredrals covered with skulls.

K'Lurg Ratcha cruises happily through the streets of his new domain.  Two of his flunkies scout ahead.
Once again I had fun making posters of out little catalogs and advertisements...this fellow seems to appreciate them.
Dead Men Space Marines patrol the streets around the infamous Jezebel's Joint, expecting trouble at any moment.  I've always, always loved that illustration on the right, there.  I liked the idea that Space Marines might often find themselves engaged in mundane policing activities as well as epic last stands against the alien hordes.  Skummburg needs a good bit of policing...
The buildings are a mix of Miniature Building Authority shanties and Armorcast stucco buildings.  Can't get the Armorcast buildings anymore, so the rest of Skummburg is likely to be made up of the shanties which is just fine, I guess.
Interior with furnishings fit for scum.  Or college students...
I wanted a filthy look to the place that would make you feel like you could contract a horrible disease just from walking through the building.  Think I achieved that.
 Interior of the top level of the building pictured above and just below.
 Pieter Porque brandishes his meat axe at someone just for the sake of doing it.  The little shipping containers are Armorcast.  Can't remember when I bought them, they've just been rattling round in boxes for a long time.  They look good painted up. though.
Mad Meg and her crew head over to Jezzie's for a drink...
The street lamps have working LED bulbs in them.  Sweet!  

 Windmill by Daemonscape.  Damn nice model...
 Interior of the second building with more trashy posters and flea-ridden furnishings...
 Scum, indeed...
Skummburg begins!  Hopefully I'll have some more stuff done soon, but this makes a good start...


  1. Excellent, theres lots going on here and all of it good. The matresses and furniture are great but on a bigger scale the buildings colour ties in very well with the mat and the figure bases and your back board sets it all off.

    1. Bloomin brilliant. Sci-fi stuff never really did it for me, but this is excellent. The gribbly mattress and sofa are really cool and the whole town has that really grim and grotty vibe about it.

    2. Thanks very much, gentlemen! I worked pretty hard on it. I hope to expand it with a few more buildings and get some games going in it, too. I also need some civilian types to wander around and get caught up in the carnage.

  2. Excellent work oozing with goodness knows what, fantastic.

    1. Thanks, Tragardmastare! I'm glad you like it!

  3. This is a great place for Sci Fi wargaming. Excellent work.

  4. I was guessing the windmill might be from ramshackle games. It does look like a cool bit of kit. Did you print the street lights?

    1. Daemonscape and Ramshackle have a similar look and I like 'em both. The street lamps were printed but not by me. Wish I could remember the name of the seller. I can't find them on ebay anymore...