Friday, July 20, 2012

The Blood God's Huntsmen

In all hours, in all weathers, sentinels stand upon the ramparts of remote forts and lonely watchtowers up and down the Black River country, and listen in fear for the wail of a hunting horn, and the unearthly baying of a pack of Devil-hounds...for this horrid music heralds the approach of the Mad Hunt of of the most feared warbands in all the loathsome and corrupted host of the Chaos Lord, Buzzgob Phesterlick.
 Behind the roaring, shrieking packs of twisted, mutant chaos hounds, behind the fleet footed Beastmen who drive them, behind the Horned Rider who is Master of the Hunt, run Khorne's Huntsmen, degenerates and psychopaths eager to shoot down prey the hounds cannot catch, to take captives to torture and slay...all in the insane hope that he Blood God, mighty Khorne, will be pleased by their efforts and reward them.  These brutal Chaos thugs wear no armor, the better keep up with the hounds, and are led by a pair of Chaos Marauders...
This distinctly unwholesome bunch are part of a sub-army for my chaos horde.  The warband will also include 24 chaos hounds, 4 hound handlers, and a Master of the Hunt...a mounted Sorcerer of Nurgle. Always liked these miniatures, (They remind me of the Humongous's "Gayboy Berzerkers" from THE ROAD WARRIOR...just need some rooster feathers on the shoulders)...I've been collecting them one or two at a time for a couple of years now.  I'm glad the unit has finally come together...

Mutated Thug...actually a great old Beastman figure whose inclusion I thought would be a nice touch...

'Blood for the Blood God!"


  1. Fantastic! They look great as a unit. I've always had a spot for these guys too. Can't wait to see the whole horde together. And thanks for your site, I've been enjoying it very much.

    1. Very glad you've been enjoying my little blog, and that you left a comment, which allowed me to find and link to your own site! It's great to be able to share ideas with other gamers who are interested in the same things I am. Talk to you soon,

  2. Nice work - I stripped the 16 year old paint jobs that I originally slathered over my set back in the day a bit ago. Looking forward to getting round to redoing them, along with the rest of the warband I've put together.

    Really like the idea of the huntsmen - you could do with some centaurs too!