Wednesday, July 4, 2012

3rd Company of the Muster of the Great Hall 'Red Dragons'

The warrior fraternity of the Red Dragons is one of the oldest in Thunder Mount, and traces it's origins nearly back to the founding of the colony. It was one of the very first fraternities to be organized after the Dwarves of the Mount ended the practice of fighting in clan-based formations.

The Dragon symbol emblazoned on the banner commemorates the capture of the original Thunder Mountain caverns from their most fearsome guardian, the Wyrm now remembered as Frenga the Devourer.  The founders of the Red Dragons were two brothers, Herl and Herst Stonebelly, celebrated heroes of the founding and key players in the touch-and-go contest with Frenga.  Indeed it was Herst who preserved the egg from the Frenga's nest which centuries later produced Frenga's one known offspring, Felenc, The Fire on the Mount. 

Undoubtedly more audacious than wise, the brothers in later years swore a rash oath to map the country beyond the Black River.  Taking a small band of companions, they passed into the east and were never heard from again. They left an impressive legacy, however. The Red Dragons remain to this day vigilant and formidable Guardians of the Thunder Mount colony, as does Felenc.

                                                  Dang!  I forgot my red shirt!  Sorry, fellas!

This unit was cobbled together out of a wild hodge-podge of Black Tree, Old Glory, Grenadier and Metal Magic figures.  And there's one old school Citadel figure in there, the 'Bombur' of the unit...
I recently dug most of them out of the cobwebbed corners of my collection, added a few new ones, and tried to wash, repaint and touch up some of the worst specimens in order to get a decent looking unit together.  I'm not sure I succeeded but I tried.

 Warhammer Armies makes forty dwarf warriors mandatory for your Dwarf army.  These fellows will cover half of that requirement.  Spears are nice because they give some of the second rank figures the opportunity to attack, and provide some slight advantages when going up against cavalry or flying creatures.   Dwarves being above average fighters, I think spears are worth the points.

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