Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Transmission From Task Force Fire Bird

Last Transmission of Task Force Fire Bird......

...Inquisitor T'Rasque reporting... 

Situation Report Follows....
 ...I have made landfall on Planet's surface. Current Position:  Imperial Planetary Grid Ref:  HY/FU 38479/28663....Widespread, catastrophic failure of drive systems occurred aboard all Task Force Space Craft almost immediately upon entry into planet's orbit, resulting in all craft crashing into planet's surface at high velocity.  All Task Force craft destroyed.  Grand High Inquisitor Clenchstrangle dead.  High Inquisitor Ripthrottle dead.  Inqusitors Heng, Byrne and Smyte all missing, presumed dead.  Estimate 98-99% of all mission essential personnel dead or missing/presumed dead.  99% of all mission essential equipment lost.  I escaped with some of my staff aboard one of the few functional life-boats moments before impact.  Have made contact with personnel of two other life boats which landed safely.  No contact received or expected from any other life-boats....

Personnel and Equipment:  Myself, my Astropath and personal assassin, 5 Army personnel, 5 Space Marines and one Space Marine scout.  Ammunition:  Low.  Food/ water: Low.  Medical Supplies:  Low.  Battery Power:  Critically low.

Plan of Action:  Am continuing missionAm taking command of remaining Task Force equipment and personnel and will begin movement to objective in vicinity of Grid HY/FZ 59872/67899 within the hour.   Upon completion of mission, will set up astro beacon in vicinity of Grid HY GH 88900/72600.  If no beacon tansmits from this GRIDCO within 10 Terran Standard days, we have failed and are to be presumed dead....

 The Emporer Protects...Long Live The Emporer!!

So!  Spent the last 3 evenings painting furiously to get the 12 figures I needed to complete my warband for my  upcoming, experimental game with Thantsants and Private Weird.  Here's how my war band looks on Thantsants' table:

Obviously, we made an effort to get them looking as similar as possible.  This will avoid a lot of confusion later on!
Still got a long way to go to complete P.W.'s warband and the various NPC warbands which Thantsants will control.  I have many of medieval/fantasy infantry and Dwarf warriors already painted, however, so that will help a great deal....

Hope to post up some of the NPC warbands tonight!


  1. Fantastic!

    And many of the same minis that currently grace my table!

    I'll try and photograph the table set up and deployment zones tonight and get it posted on my blog tonight.

    I also rolled up your equipment before I went on holiday and need to email it to you. Unless you've done it already of course!

    I do like the idea of low batteries though...

    Cracking names for the Inquisition by the way!

  2. Hey Mouse,

    YEAH!! Super exciting write-up for your gang! And I love the figures you picked for your force - I'm gonna be using a lot more stand-ins and proxies for your guys. For the NPC's I was planning to post them once the game had started, but maybe now I should reconsider...? Anyway, can't wait to play! This'll be great!