Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crusaders against Chaos: Old School Dungeon Party #2

 A handful of brave and probably doomed adventurers gather at Volstead Keep before setting off for the dreaded Caverns of Chaos.  The Keep lies near to the very edge of the inhabited country and it is well known to adventurers as an excellent base-camp from which to launch forays into the east, if one feels inclined toward that sort of thing.  Food, drink and shelter are to hand at two inns, one good, the other..."affordable"...and stout walls manned by the Lawful Earl Volstead's fighters offer security while adventurers rest, heal and re-supply.  The Earl's smiths are happy to take on extra work mending or making weapons and armor, and Clerics and Magic Users are present and willing to furnish potions, scrolls and other supplies...for a price, of course.  Above we have a Citadel Dwarf looking resolute and ready for a fight.
 A Grenadier female bard strums thoughtfully...Maybe this adventuring thing not such a great idea, she thinks.  maybe she could do just as well playing birthday parties and weddings here in the safety of The Keep...Nah.
 A gallant Grenadier female Cleric practices bringing the hammer down on the servants of Chaos...Yah!  Have at you!
 The strearn and silent Paladin.  Nobody knows what he looks like under that helmet.  He never takes it off.  Even drinks his wine right through the breathing holes in his visor.  Probably a complete madman, but also thoroughly lawful and doubtless a formidable enemy of Chaos.
 The Illusionist.  The adventurers are hoping that his phantasms will frighten the denizens of the Caverns of Chaos into thinking that their puny band is much larger and stronger than it really is...If only he can remember the words to them he gets in some last minute practice...
Here are the ten adventurers I have completed so far.  I'm still struggling with getting the paint jobs to look decent on these antique minis... it seems much more difficult, for some reason, than painting my Oldhammer minis.  I think with the next party, I'll try a darker undercoat.... also, it's time to get some monsters painted...


  1. Lovely stuff. A really nice selection of miniatures.

    1. Thanks, Gareth! Hoping to expand the collection in the near future...

  2. These are Fantastic, Mouse! As for your "struggling with getting the paint jobs to look decent...", Mouse, your pure painting style brings these classic beauties alive better than any other style I can think of - I am a big fan of your painting. I like your basing choice for these minis as well.