Monday, July 27, 2020

Rogue Trader: Scout Section and Sanctioned Psyker, 3rd Company, 9th Nepenthe Imperial Guard Regiment

 Nothing too exciting tonight....just a squad of scouts and an onion headed Psyker for my Old School
Imperial Guard Army.  I think they came out ok for the most part, but once again the eyes were my nemesis.  Oh well. Time to move on to the next thing.  Mayhap at some point I will find the strength to try and revisit the eyes.
 The Rogue trader era Imperial Guard army list has no scout troops per se, just Ratling Snipers and Sentinel scout walkers.  For my 9th Nepenthe Regiment unit, though, I wanted an option for some Reconnaissance infantry.  It might be that scanner technology and psychic powers have made scout troops an anachronism in the age of the Imperium but the 9th Nepenthe still relies on them to locate the enemy and guide friendly forces into position to destroy them.  Was never keen on the idea of space hobbits so no Ratlings for me.  Here the squad leader, armed with a captured shuriken catapult, leads the way forward.
 Two scout rifle men take aim at the enemy...
 My concept for the squad was a nine man configuration with a squad leader and a pair of four man observation teams armed with las guns and led by a corporal armed with a sniper rifle.
 One of the Snipers...with a subdued version of the usual bright red and yellow 9th Nepenthe badge.

 A veteran scout sneaks up on an enemy sentry with his knife...
 The sanctioned psyker with his enormous chainsword.  Perhaps he is accompanying this recon squad in order to lend his scrying powers to their efforts.
The recon team sets off in search of the Orks...good luck, lads!


  1. I remember faffing about trying to do eyes and watching them make a mockery of my paint job. I found that using a less white paint (like off white, or something more gray) helps tone down the insane eye pop that results from using a black/white contrast on more muted colours. You can sometimes get away without a pupil too and just the fact that the eye is lighter (gray going on white) is enough to trick the viewer into assuming the pupil is there.

    1. Thanks for the help. I had a little better luck with the pulp figures just now, but they are 28s...

  2. I was going to say that number 9 was the only one with starey eyes until I realized they were all no 9. Dohh.

    Another well painted unit though.

    1. Thanks Vagabond! Yeah, the badge is the regimental badge so they are all #9.

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