Friday, July 31, 2020

Pulp: Little Cairo Part 1 of Many: Intrepid Archaeologists!

Deep into the desert we go in search of great mysteries and maybe, just maybe...great fame and fortune as well! These minis are the very first in another big project I'm calling Little Cairo, which I'll finish God knows when.  These are, of course, from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures line and they were a joy to paint.  Nice clean lines and very easy on the eyes.  Little Cairo is a Pulp fantasy setting which I intend to populate with heroes, villains, mummies, Nazis, Cthulhuoid terrors and whatever else I can dream up.
Striking a heroic pose as he gazes out across Ozymandias' lone and level sands is the leader of our little expedition...
Thoughtfully fingering the holster of her pistol as she holds her lantern up to illumine the darkness of a desert tomb, a pretty professor prepares to plumb perilous plutonian...p...I ran out of p's...
A pair of investigators scour the sands in search of clues to mysteries better left unsolved...
We'll start digging right, I should think...
Billy Barnum was captain of  the rowing team at Miskatonic.  Not the greatest Archaeology student, but a good natured fellow and useful in a fight...
Dig not here, O stranger, Lest ye awaken Nyar...Nyarlat...Nayarlathotep from his ageless slumber?  Nyarlathotep?  What the bloody hell is a Nyarlathotep?

Into the desert!
A snap of Little Cairo I took before I left home...just have to paint about a hundred citizens, adventurers, gendarmes, spies, Indiana Jones types and the like.  That should take a while.


  1. Great looking table. Reaper put out some decent cheap cthulhu monstrosities in 'bones' material if you haven't acquired your figs yet.

    1. Thanks for the tip, but I've already aquired a collection of the old timey RAFm and Grenadier metals. Glad you like the table. Still have quite a bit of sprucing up to do on it, though!

  2. And I am already hooked! Sounds like brilliant fun.

    1. Thanks, Michael! Hoping to get some more minis painted for it soon!

  3. pretty professor prepares to plumb perilous plutonian...p...I ran out of p's

    Places, putting peoples posts, passages and possibilities at risk. You just weren't trying.

    Little Cairo looks amazing, I don't think I've seen these buildings before, are they scratch built. I like that you've done them a mud colour, certainly authentic from the little I've seen in Morocco and Egypt and almost a match for your ground mat, which is where the mud bricks come from.
    Great stuff.

    1. You're right. I let myself get lazy. "Pretty professor prepares to plumb perilous plutonian passageways a-Plenty! How's that?
      Thanks. I wish I could say I made the buildings but in fact they are individually made by a fellow in Texas.
      He does a great job and they are reasonably priced. I love them. They remind me of a lot of the houses I saw during my own travels in the middle east and they do blend nicely with the Deep Cuts mat. Roofs lift off and top floors lift out. I just need some clutter to make it all feel 'used'...and about 80 little painted people, animals and mummies to run around in it.

    2. They look lovely, and I would be tempted but postage to the UK is 100 to 200% of the base cost, how do I do a crying gif? I've saved a load of pictures of the Ebay stuff and if you see some buildings on my table that look very like his in the far distant future, you will know you are responsible.