Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Old School Ral Partha D&D Dungeon Party # 2


Another gang of Fortune seekers soon to be eaten by Bugbears, most likely.  Not nearly as happy with this group as I was with the last one, somehow they just didn't come out as well but whatever.  They are as finished as they are ever going to get...

The Cleric.  Saintly looking fellow.  Probably spends a lot of his time casting healing spells on the knuckle headed glory seekers who accompany him.  He looks good on the table top, but in the photo his blotchy pupils really stand out which makes me cranky.
I am pretty pleased my my Dwarf thief here...
...as he draws his sword, preparing to defend his rightfully stolen loot.

Fighter type prepares to do some hacking...
"Have at you!"
A rather dashing and mysterious magic user

An angry looking female fighter-thief...or perhaps a ranger makes ready to whack somebody or something with her quarterstaff...

Dwarf again and a female fighter.  I liked the fighter figure but I had to battle long and hard with her face and eventually lost.  Numerous attempts at fixes just sort of layered up so it looks like she has lots of scars.
Arrghh.  Her face is a bit messed up now, but maybe that'll happen when you carry an axe around looking for fights.
My collection of adventurers so far...not a bad selection, but naturally I need more!

...And, of course, some Bugbears to eat them!

Stealthy Approach


  1. The dwarf looks ace. I really like the work you've done on the yellow quartering as well.

    1. Thanks, Dave! Yeah I'm happy with the Dwarf. Not so keen on the others. Too bad about Enfilade this year. Hope there will be one next year.

  2. Wonderful! Can't wait to hear of their adventures.

    1. Thanks, Michael! I intend to turn them loose in my Dungeon set up amoungst the Minotaurs and such as soon as I get home. Need to paint up some more monsters, though.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, they are most minuscule and hard on the eyes. Very challenging. But the old RP's were some of the first Sword and Sorcery minis I ever laid eyes on and so I'm very fond of them and have wanted a painted up collection for many many years. Now it's finally happening!

  4. I think you might find that the Cleric's eyes aren't blotchy, he's just concentrating very hard.
    Another nice bunch of figure to rampage around your table.

  5. Fireballs are always an option :):):) enjoyed the video as well.

    1. Yes they are chucklesome. Part of what inspried me to get to painting up my Ral Partha guys.

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