Friday, May 10, 2013

Bungole Bushwackah!

 Scampering stealthily and stinkily through the hills, woods and meadows of the Black River Country, Bungole Bushwackah is a malodorous menace to man, dwarf and Chaos disciple alike.  Unusually solitary for one of his kind, he calls no Orc his Boss nor his boy.  Nevertheless, he is as bloodthirsty as any of his kin, and amuses himself by launching innumerable one-man raids against everybody within reach, relying on the speedy hams of his trusty boar to bear him swiftly into the fight, and as swiftly out again, ere his victims can bring superior numbers to bear against him.  When the Orcs and Gobbos of Big Blackie's horde raid across the Black River, Bungole accompanies them, albeit at a distance.  He is a talented scout, and prowls the edges of the battlefield, sniping at the enemy with his crossbow and occasionally plunging into an enemy flank...

Always loved this figure.  He's the last of a small group of 'testers' I've been doing, trying to get close to the 'old school' lurid sort of yellow-green which graced Citadel's Orcs back in the glory of the eighties.  Gotta get the skin tone right before I begin serious work on the mighty Big Blackie's Orc horde.  I can't get anywhere near the sublime quality of say, Spooktalker's work, but this will do well enough for me, I think...

For my own reference:  final color combo for Bungole was white undercoat followed by a slightly watered coat of old school 80's GW ghoul flesh.  Highlight the Ghoul Flesh with new school GW sunburst yellow, then wash with Reaper Moss Green...

I like this figure so much, that I plan to use him on his own, as a mid-level "nuisance" character, a little pest who can scurry around taking pot-shots at the other guy, and sometimes pitching into a flank or bum-rushing artillery batteries. Humble beginnings to Big Blackie's mighty host!
Bungole surprises a small group of Igor Prolkevitch's Nurglesqe Chaos thugs...three more heads to hang on his wall!


  1. Nice, Mouse! He deserves to be a character! Love the shot with the Thugs.

  2. I love the background story, I can imagine him moving through the forest on his boar, sniffing the air for the scent of humans. Good job on the yellowish skin!