Friday, June 7, 2013

Bad Bloody Frumpkin's Gobbo Gang

Oi!  I'm bad bloody Frumpkin, and I's as bad as dey come!  If yoo wanted ta find somebody meaner den me,'d have to look someplace else!  Har!  Urm...maybe I didn't 'splain dat too well...Wot I mean is...I'm really bad an' hard!!  Yeah!
I guess you fot you seen da last o' me after the Stunties threw big rocks at me head in da big fight at Whisperin' Meadows!  Well, as you can see, you ain't seen da last o' me!  Heh.  Yeah, sure dem damn Stunties squished a lot a me lads wif big ol' rocks and den we missed the rest o' da fightin' on account o' we all ran away...urm... well, ackshully, never mind 'bout dat last bit...

...What?  'ey, shaddap!  Nah, really!  Ya shoulda seen us!  We took our licks wif da big rocks, but den we got stuck in, see?  And we gave it to da Stunts real good!  Real sad dey was about it too, all cryin' all boo hoo..."Ooo, Look at me, I'm a Stuntie!  Aw, Boo Hoo, I got no head!"  Yar!  All like dat dey was, see?  Naw, we didn't run away, we was right dere to da end.  Not like Squiggy Squirrel Chewer's lot, yeah, dey legged it outta dere right off, cause dey's a buncha gurlies, dey are!  Hur.

Ey, whut was we talkin about, here?  Can't remembur...ur...Oh yeah!  Everybody said me warband was kaput 'cause all da guys got squashed wif da big rocks, right? Well, dere's plenty more where dey came from!  An' dat's wot I'm talkin' about, see?  Dere's always gonna be more o' us den dem, an' someday we's gonna swamp 'em!  Yar!!  Stunties and Humies fink dey can run us off across da river, but yoo tell many brats do a humie have in a year, eh?  How many?  He's got maybe one, right?  Well, look at me!  I got a whole buncha wifes, an' in a year, how many runts I got?  Why I got, one...urm...ah...t-two...two...urgh...ugh...(scratches head)...uh...(sniffs)...mmmhh...(stares absently into space while one finger commences an investigation into the depths of left nostril...)  

"...hrmm...mumble mumble hrggh...ughhnnn...eagghhh...anh...(suddenly snaps back to reality)...'Ey, what was I talkin' about?  Aw, yeah!  Runts!  Well, I don't know a lot o' numbers, but if all me brats had a number, numbers would be, like...really...(flies abruptly into a fit of rage)  Well, maybe I'm not too good at 'splainin' stuff, ok???!!!  But you don't have to be a good 'splainer when ya can rip a Stuntie's kneecaps orf wif yer teef, do ya?  DO YA???!!!  No, ya don't!  So don't fergit!  I'm Bad Blood Frumpkin, and I's as bad as dey come!  And don't mess wif me or I'll go right froo ya!!!"


It begins.  36 Gobbos for Big Blackie's Orc and Gobbo horde...

 Great majority of the figures are Citadel, with some of Rafm's wonderful Chaos Goblins in there, some Marauder minis, even a Ral Partha and a Genadier...
 This will be my first and only post for June, as I'm leaving this weekend to play 1:1 scale war games for 2 or 3 weeks in the wilds of Idaho...
 Got a great old pile of stuff that wants painting as soon as I get back...some Stickas, Centaurs, more D&D adventurers & some Kobolds, an Orky field kitchen and a Milesian Warband for Erin...not to mention I've got to finish writing up my recently finished and very enjoyable 40k game with Private Weird...well, an early day tomorrow...

See ya nearer to the end of the month!


  1. Enjoy the break. Re-enactment or military? Great old figures there ans well painted.

    1. Thanks! Naztional Guard Annual Training. I'm really enjoying watching Lord Vassago's horde take shape, by the way!

    2. That's National Guard Annual Training. The mis-spell looks a little scary.

  2. Good to see some Gobbo's!

    Have fun in Idaho.

    1. Thanks, Thantsants! Yeah, I've been wanting to start on 'em for a long time, but I promised myself I'd concentrate on Dwarves, Chaos and Humans for a full year before I started on my Orcs and Undead.

  3. Hey Mouse, Wonderful, wonderful Goblin horde!! As always you have put together a really fantastic group of classic minis that makes for an incredibly characterful unit! Can't wait to see these guys in action! And the drummer!! I have to find that drummer!!

    Thanks again for our very enjoyable 2nd Ed. game. I hope you have a great time on your 1:1 actions.

    1. Thanks Friend! Still have more gobbo and sticka regiments to go, so plenty more where these guys came from! Sorry I haven't had time to write up the last turn of Dimtree's Loot or the epilogue, yet. I'll jump on that when I get back.

      The drummer comes from the RAFM Goblin Command set, which I believe is still available on their site.

      I just recently bought the rules for Alternative Armies' ERIN game. Have you ever played it? Very small scale skirmish game, would be easy to get the miniatures needed to mirror each others' warbands. Would make for a good online game, I think.

      Talk to you soon!

    2. Hey Mouse,

      No, I haven't played the ERIN game, I'll have to check it out. But I definitely would be down for a game of it or any other thing that you have in mind. Let me know when you get back.

      And thanks for the heads up about the drummer!

  4. Great goblins, always good to see Goblins :)
    Might see if I can pick up some the RAFM Goblins too.
    Have fun gaming.

  5. They are lovely, Mr Mouse. I'm with all the others - we all loves goblins! Have fun at the hand grenade club,


  6. Great unit and great painting! Have to love that drummer :)