Saturday, March 13, 2021

Little Cairo Part 2 of Many: NPCs!

Any game setting needs a splash of local color running around doing their day to day business.  Most of that business would naturally be mundane, but a good deal of it would undoubtedly be nefarious, especially in a nest of adders like Little Cairo.  Take William S. Burroughs' fantastical Tangiers, stir in a real life Cairo of the 1930s, smouldering with espionage and revolution, add a cup of H.P. Lovecraft, a dash of Raiders of the Lost Ark, a teaspoon of Casablanca, and you've got an idea of the spirit I'm going for.  These folks are a necessary part of the back drop that my Adventurers, Secret Agents and Cthulhu Cultists will be acting out their roles against. 

Random citizens wandering about a market that has nothing in it for them to buy yet.  I just got some Scotia Grendel fantasy bazaar pieces to use for the market stalls but of course I haven't painted them yet.
Ali from Pulp Figures gets the drop on a resolute fellow from Old Glory,
Random citizens.  I bought all of these on the Old Glory Miniatures website, but I think they come from different lines...

Lovely Ladies of Little Cairo in outdoor and indoor wear...
Desperadoes three...
Fatima!  (of the seven veils)....
...The swingingest, number one dancer in the Sultan's whole harem!  (If you get that reference, you're probably really old.)

Sinister, be-fezzed monkey meets sinister, be-fezzed gunman!
I like this figure, whatever he's about to do, he is sculpted like he means it!
Snake guy.  Got to have a snake guy, I guess.
Ack!  The dates were poisoned!  
More to come soon!


  1. Marvellous stuff but you forgot the obligatory Carlsberg product placement from Ice Cold in Alex - maybe a little late in the chronology for this lovely slice of pulp fiction but surely there must be a watering hole offering the best lager in the world? ;)

    Fatima looks lovely in her seven veils - can't bring to mind the reference you allude to other than generally happy memories of Caroline Munro for some reason...

    Lovely stuff but you've put me off dates again! Especially looking forward to any Cthulhu stuff you'll be doing with this lot!

  2. Thanks, Thantsants! You may be appalled at this, I'd never heard of Ice Cold in Alex. I will check it out. Fatima of the 7 veils is a reference to a Ray Stevens song that was already old when we were kids. I have a dozen or so Cthulhu-type critters waiting in the wings...I need to get work on them!