Sunday, March 28, 2021

Ral Partha Classics: Tom Meier's Lord of Chaos

Heavy hoofbeats on a the gloomy forest path. a cloaked figure, mighty of frame...
His Face hidden by a sinister helmet...
...The Lord of Chaos!
Some say he is the child of a mortal woman and a demon, others that he is the right arm of the devil himself....Frightened rumors say he has risen again after years of sleep and is recruiting a warband from amoung the forest horrors which he will soon lead forth to spread murder and rapine across the land...
Still others, that he intends to go to war with the Wizard Kobel Yarr. Though none can guess the reason for the feud,  they say The Lord of Chaos intends to lead his host of devils and horrors against the hordes of the Yellow Tower of Yugg, and to destroy that accursed edifice forever.
Already the forest lanes and glades are noisome with the clink of weapons and the rustling of great, sinewy bodies as Gnolls and floundering beasts come awake and heed the call of The Lord of Chaos...Liquescent Terrors glide forth from the depths of forest pools and winged, misshapen figures are seen passing across the moon,  The Lord of Chaos is coming...beware, Lord of the Tower of Yugg!! 


  1. Inspirational fluff. Looking forward (with trepidation) to seeing his warband.

    1. Thanx! I am hoping to get that warband finished soon. The Lord of Chaos will have four little gangs of horrors to put up against Kobel Yar. 36 minis altogether, and all classic RP from the 70s and 80s.