Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Plain of Crows Part 2: The Armies

Well, I'm back and just recently recovered from a long and blistering work week. Here's the army that will be taking on King Asgard's Expeditionary force on the Plain of Crows very soon.  Despite the fact that the models I'll be using to represent Asgard's guys won't be painted,  I am only allowing myself to use painted models for my own army.  I want to keep myself motivated to keep painting and don't want to start letting myself think it's okay to use unpainted models in my battle reports.

Lord Thorrir's Welcoming Committee:

King’s Axes - 19 warriors – 2 handed weapons and light armor with standard   240
 Floi Haybeard – Level 15 hero – heavy armor and 2 handed sword                 133
Total for Regiment: 373

Red Dragons – 19 warriors with standard, light armor, shields and spears 240
Borrin Basherson– Lvl 10 hero hand weapon, heavy armor, shield, pistol    Also no 95
Total for Regiment:  335

Skull Poppers – 19 warriors with standard, light armor and shield, 2 handed weapon 240
Lord Thorrir Maull (army general) – lvl 25 hero with heavy mithril armor and Enchanted Strike Hammer, Dragon shield 276
Total for Regiment:  516

Jenni Troll Spitter – 3 man bolt thrower, heavy armor for crew   63

Ol' Hamm – Wizard – lvl 10 Wizard with pistol 120
 Spells:  Dispirit, Fireball, Wind Blast
Total points for army:  1407

The switch from 1500 to 1400 points made some cruel decisions necessary.  Floi Haybeard had to give up his Frost Sword and the elite troops had to endure a downgrade to regular warriors.  Also I don't have an army standard, which I normally consider indispensable.
I'm worried about some other things missing from my army, too.  For my 2,000 point army, I intend to paint up some Giant Slayers and some crossbowmen and I have devilish plans for a pretty sweet battery of stone throwers.  If I had a wider selection of painted troops, my army might look quite a bit different, but it it is what it is.  Lord Maull's army might not be the army he wants, but it's the only army he's got...

Lord Asgard's Unifiers:

1 Level 25 Hero with a great weapon
1 Level 10 Wizard
1 Level 10 Hero with an extra hand weapon and no armour (he has tactile sensitivities)

12 Crossbow

6 Crossbow in skirmish formation

13 Warriors with shields and spears, Musician, Standard led by:

1 Level 5 Character with heavy armour, hand weapon and shield

12 Warriors with hand weapons and shields, Musician

14 Warriors, hand weapons and shields, Musician and Standard

12 Warriors, hand weapons and shields, Musician and Standard

Really wish I could have done Lord Asgard's gallant crusaders better justice by representing them with figures that know...paint and stuff, but I'm just not there yet.  This is what I've got.

So.  The stage is set. 


  1. Hi Mouse,

    Your army looks great. And I really dig Ol' Hamm! I am home here until 2:30, did you want to start up in the next half hour or so for a turn or two?

  2. Hey Mouse,

    How about Friday night? Around 10:30? Or Saturday night? At about the same time?

    1. Friday night sounds great. Maybe we can carry over into Saturday as well.

      See you there!

    2. I'll see you at 10:30! As for carrying over into Saturday, sure, a bit, but I have to be on my bike at 8:00am in order to make it to my workshops that I give on Saturdays. But I'll be home at night and we can continue after 10:00pm. And really, once we begin it will be just a matter of posting our moves and die rolls on our respective blogs and responding with any save rolls/Ld rolls in the comment section.

      Lord Asgard says "Hello".

  3. Hi Mouse,

    I've got dice in my hand and my heart is a-poundin'.

    Hey, I really like the figs you chose for my army. Why don't we just leave the-picture-in-front-of-the-actual-unit idea out and just use the figures on the table?

    Should I post a pic of your army on my blog?

    Anyway, I'm ready to go if you are...

    1. Hey hey! Glad you like the boys I found to represent Lord Asgard's gallant crew...just wish they were're more than welcome to post pictures of my army and the battle on your blog...I've got my guys deployed on my board...I'll post some pictures of my deployment in the next few mins...