Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hellhounds on Your Trail...

Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
My Sinister Plan Is Taking Shape!

This pack of Chaos Hounds is the latest addition to the ranks of The Mad Hunt of Chaos, a sub-army of Buzzgobb Phesterlick's Chaos horde.  Grenadier Hound of Tindalos above....I think he painted up pretty nice...

And a nice Ral Partha undead hound here....
This gets me half-way to finishing the Mad Hunt:  2 hound packs and the Company of Huntsmen down, two hound packs and the dreaded Master of the Hunt to go...

 Be afraid...
 Be very afraid!

Oldhammer, Baby!!!!!!


  1. Those non citadel hounds look the biz!

    Must track down that Beast master myself - nice looking mini and he's in the Army book...

    1. Thanks, Thantsants! Hope to bring you more groovie ghoulishness from Buzzgobb's horde soon!

  2. Hey Mouse, a wonderful looking unit here! I agree with Thantsants, the non-citadel hounds look terrific, especially being put together in a pack with the citadel ones - wonderful variety. And hey, I don't have that Beast Master either!

    1. Thanks, P.W.! Yeah, as much as I love the old Citadel stuff, I like to mix in some other things here and there...The old Hound of Tindalos looks quite at home in a pack of chaos hounds, I think...

  3. Hi fellow lead addicts .

    My name is Loris Accaries, I'm really enjoy your blog.

    I'm currently filling a similar one with with my Nurgle army from the 80's.

    I have added your blog to my favorites ones.

    I hope you will enjoy mine.

    Greeting from the realms.


  4. Hey Mouse! Followerd you here from Realms of Chaos and like what I see! I didn't realise the list entries were formatted that way they look quite handy to cut out and keep near units during game-play?

    The one in that second picture is awesome I would have no problem including him in my Dark Eldar.

    If you can spare 5 minutes to look at my blog I'd appreciate it you elder statesman of the hobby provide great feedback!

  5. That's a great looking unit and it's cool to see how well the Partha and Grenadier figures mix in for variety. Timely post too as I have a number of the Citadel ones on their way in the mail as we speak.